Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Day!

"I bring you good news of great joy that will be for all people. Today in the town of David a SAVIOR has been born to you; he is CHRIST the Lord...." Thank you Father for the gift you gave...may we always remember this in the hustle and bustle of what this season has become! Merry Christmas to all!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

I've been a busy bee...

Hello to all! It is Thursday and I am so very glad! I've been one busy bee for the past week with design work (which I am very thankful for!) So here is a glimpse of what I've been working on... A FEW DESIGN BOARDS FOR E-DECORATING SERVICE... Also decorated a house for Christmas with the help of a sweet design friend, Amanda...we really had fun and it turned out beautiful - will share those pics when I download from my camera! I am going to be taking some time off to enjoy the holidays with my family...I pray that each of you will take the time to remember the true meaning of Christmas! Merry Christmas to all!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A little problem over here...

I think I have a little problem over here at my house...I've been SOOOO busy over the last few weeks that I having NOTHING wrapped and placed under the tree! My problem is five year old has resorted to picking up random objects around the house and "wrapping" them (which consists of a little ribbon, glue, random boxes she finds) and placing them under the tree! In fact at this very moment I spy one of her baby doll cradles being used as a "box" for a present which is actually a book she pulled off the shelf in the playroom,ha! Gotta love kids! Be back soon!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Baby it's cold outside!

We awoke to snow falling this morning...not enough to keep anyone from school or work, but it was so beautiful!!!! Here is a run down of my day.... Started off with some laundry in my new washer and it wrong to say that you are "in LOVE" with an appliance? Can I say this just might be the BEST gift I've ever received! Next, I had breakfast with this lovely little kitty cat...I even had to feed her the milk, ha...notice that "bed head"...she just crawled out of bed to get ready for school! Next stop after dropping off at school was Joann's in search of trim for a client's window treatment...but I have no pictures because I was so overwhelmed by the sheer amount of craft stuff!!! Then I made a stop at a shop that has really beautiful items...only most of it is out of my budget as well as my client's budget, but I love to go in a look....this is what I found - a mirror that would be PERFECT for a client's master bedroom (we've been searching for a while) only it is out of the budget - FOR now...we'll see what else we can find! This is a snapshot of a sofa that I'm dreaming family room walls are about the same color of the walls you see and this fabric is a stain resistant Sunbrella (outdoor) fabric...if you could see my existing sofa you would agree that it needs a major makeover - this fabric would do nicely!!!! After my dreaming session, I dropped off some used books, cds, and dvds at McKays Bookstore - gotta love this place! And last but not least...I decided to pickup my eight year old early from school today and surprise him with this... okay, so two of the donuts were for me - but the others were for the kiddos!!! Happy Tuesday...and I promise I will be posting for the ONLINE BAZAAR soooonnnn!!!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Happy Friday!

So this week has flown by...I've spent most of the day loving on my kiddos and it has been wonderful! Sorry I have not posted anything else for the "online bazaar" but I will be making a trip this weekend to my storage unit and will be taking LOTS of pictures...may find another way to post these items all at once - perhaps in the "Shop the Boutique" section on my website here. I have a few items left of the items already posted, so if you are interested, shoot me an email at . Hope you all have a wonderful weekend...we are heading out later this evening to look at Christmas lights, Happy Friday!!!!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Love these!!!

It's Wednesday and I'm posting a bit late in the day, but here goes...continuing with the online bazaar...we have these lovely little wall baskets..."envelope wall baskets" by Aidan Gray...very similar to the larger magazine basket posted on Monday (which by the way, there is only one left) It measures 16"H 8"W 6"D perfect for holding your incoming/outgoing mail - would look so smart with a cute label tied to the front!!! Retail $36.00 plus tax and shipping DHB Designs $18.00 plus shipping...I have six in stock!!! Have a wonderful Wednesday!!!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Moonlighting Decoupage Plates

It's rainy and very dreary here today...perfect day to stay in and get some work done!!! So take a look at today's featured item for the ONLINE BAZAAR:
A Set of 4 Moonlighting Decoupage plates! Perfect for a kitchen, breakfast nook, or dining room! Colors are rich and bright - very French Country in style!
Retail $60.00 each (bringing the total to $240 for the Set of 4)
DHB Designs $85.00 plus shipping for the Set of 4
Here are a few ideas of what you could do with these.... Start a collection and hang them in a group as a focal point...
Love this arrangement in a dining could also group them with a painting - hanging to plates on each side!
This photo is of John Derian's shop in New York...he is the decoupage king! Go online to look for a large scale platter or tray to hang with the set of 4!
If these are for you just email me at can even send me photos of where you are thinking about hanging these pretties and I will give you some direction! Happy Tuesday!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Backyard Bazaar

So, a few MONTHS ago...I had a grand idea of having a backyard bazaar to unload about 8 plus years of design "stuff" that I have in storage - well, Fall weather has come and gone but I still need to unload my storage facility!!! So, this is the plan....I will be posting items daily for the next week here on the blog and on DHB Designs facebook page - if you see an item you just gotta have - shoot me an email at and we will get payment and delivery set up!!! So for today's item/s.....I have these lovely magazine wall baskets from Aidan Gray Home, only two in stock...perfect to house all those design magazines or to use for filing paperwork in your home office! Dimensions: 15H 20W 4D Finish: light brown, dimensional texture - powder coated, rustic wire basket style (no rust), mounts flat to the wall Price: Suggested Retail $63.00 plus tax and shipping DHB Designs $49.00 plus shipping (or free delivery/pickup if local) Happy Monday!!!! Don't forget to check back daily this week for more goodies!!! Fabric, mirrors, accessories, and more!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

I have so many things to be thankful for this year..

  • for God above and His son, Jesus Christ
  • a husband who works very hard
  • healthy, happy children...and a precious baby girl on the way
  • our home
  • family and friends
  • financial provision from God above
  • a brand new washer and dryer that is making my life SO much easier
  • and this, playing, and preparing for a wonderful holiday weekend!

Happy Wednesday to you all...and Happy Thanksgiving!f

Friday, November 19, 2010


Thankful for these two today....
Happy Friday!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Take a look!

Go take a look over here at this lovely blog....
she is doing a fabulous giveaway!!! Happy Wednesday!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

What I'm doing today...

This is what I'm doing today:
  • "picking up" the house...our busy week has left it looking like a tornado struck!
  • began cleaning out and organizing my office Monday...still working on it, almost there!
  • and finally...this
Olivia and I are just about to start some cinnamon rolls! We made some dough on Sunday with the book "Healthy Bread in Five Minutes a Day"...we've already made a whole wheat sandwich bread so we are gonna try something SWEET! Let you know how it turns out!!! Post edit: The book is Healthy Bread in Five Minutes a is awesome and has gluten free recipes...I know my local library had it so I imagine you could check the Knox County Library...I purchased my from Amazon and have not regretted it! Good luck ladies!!!

Monday, November 8, 2010

A few things on my wish list...

I cannot believe it is November...this year has really flown by!!! The holidays are fast approaching and I'm trying to get organized and ahead of the game this year! Our schedule is about to hit hyper husband coaches high school basketball and that officially began last week - I'm feeling the pinch in my schedule!!! I've been fighting a cold for two weeks now and I am today I am spending most of the day getting my house in the spirit of getting clean and organized, here are a few things on my wish list (does Santa do cleaning supplies???)
Loving these clear, lockable bins from the container store...could use these for soooo many things
I've also been eyeing these Rhino Trunks for the kids...with a little one on the way we are gonna be converting a playroom into a nursery soon if our house does not these would be perfect at the foot of their beds to keep all their favorite stuff!!!
I like these glass canning jars but not for canning...I'm actually looking for clear storage containers for my office to organize all the little crafty things floating around!
Oh...and this little item - The Shark Steam and Vac or the Bissell Steam and Vac....not sure which one I like more - but my Swifer Vac is on it's last leg and I would LOVE one of these to vacuum and steam mop my floors!!!!
Love these Pyrex glass food storage containers....I'm trying to do a little "batch" cooking to have some meals stored away in the freezer and these would be perfect because they can go from freezer to oven!!! Happy Monday!!!!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Missing in action...that's what I've been...definitely a lot of action in the last week or two! Which is probably why I came down with a little cold, but I think I am finally on the mend now! I last posted on my trip to the Country Living Fair in Atlanta...can I just say - I was really disappointed! Did anyone else go??? What were your thoughts? I only found a hand full of vendors that really stood out and were unique - other than that, I'm not sure I will be going back! Yeah, it was that disappointing! Oh well, I did have a nice trip with my mom so it wasn't a total waste! So, that's it for today - exciting I know! Happy November!!!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Waiting for Friday and Country Living Fair

Is it Friday yet???...It's just Wednesday and I am already wiped out! Spent the morning into lunch at Maple Lane Farms on field trip with my daughter! Being 19 weeks pregnant and taking a "hay ride" aren't a very good mix, ha!!! Anyway, I survived and it was a lot of fun to see her hanging out with her girlfriends from school!!! Then we traveled back across town to pick up my oldest and head to a dental appointment - NO CAVITIES, yes!!!! So I am definitely looking forward to the mom and I are heading down for the Country Living Fair in Stone Mountain, GA. It will probably be my last trip before the baby gets here in March so I better enjoy it!!! Here are a couple of photos from their website, really can't wait to see what I find! Hope you had a great Wednesday!

Monday, October 18, 2010

A little design work...

Just thought I would post a little design work...this is for a girl's bedroom I have been working on! This room really had a good start when I came on the scene - new furniture, bedding, my job was really to pull it together with some finishing touches! Happy Monday!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Inspiration Friday!

It has been a looonnnngggg and crazy week! This is a rundown of what's been going on over here:
  • We filled last weekend with a camping trip and a visit to mimi and papaw's house...we were all pretty tired by Sunday night!
  • School started back this week - goodbye Fall break!
  • Basketball season has officially started (well, it never really ends for us) but now my husband is pulling 10 to 11 hour days...that's just until games begin...then we miss him terribly because some of those turn into 15 hour days!!!
  • We have been passing around the stomach bug...definitely not fun when you are 18weeks pregnant...I am still trying to get caught up from that!
  • Had several client projects going this has given me a little boost in creativity...which is good because I was feeling "stale".

So to leave you with a bit of inspiration...these are some things I am loving right now!

Love this kitchen...can't figure out where it I found it!
This fabric from Calico graphic prints!
Love this little girl's that I have another girl on the way I will have to save this for future reference!
Love this little gives me some great ideas for a design project!
Happy Friday!!!
Photo credits: Kitchen -don't know:( please let me know if you recognize),Bocca Fabric - Calico Corners, Bedroom and breakfast nook - Lonny Magazine

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

All things pink!

Looks like we will be sticking with all things pink again....
We are having a girl!!! Happy Wednesday!
(photos: Jcrew)

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Tuesday Inspiration

It's Tuesday, but it feels like a Monday! Nothing grand to post on today so I will share some of my random inspiration pics on my computer, enjoy!
Love this dining room (minus the Buddha on top of the armoire, not a fan) - the mix of modern and rustic....
Loving this white Fossil watch - Christmas list maybe?
This a lamp from Arteriors - great line, but I found a pair at Homegoods for a fraction of the cost - they are now residing in my family room!
Love sisal, seagrass, jute - don't know how practical it is with kids!
Love zebra hide, print, etc...although I have none in my house......
Loving these bowls from Anthropologie....such a great store!
This is a table from NOIR furniture...which I really adore! I have a kitchen table that is similar is shape and I would love to do this black waxed finish on it....
Happy Tuesday!!!!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Happy Friday!

A dear friend shared this song with me....such powerful words! I hope you have a wonderful weekend, HAPPY FRIDAY!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Planning meals...

I am terrible at planning meals...I want to be a great meal planner - organized, ready to roll but it eludes me most of the time!!! But I have found a new site that I am trying out and so far I am loving it...Plan to Eat is a website that allows you to download recipes and it makes the grocery list for you!
There are so many cool things about this site...and I really haven't figured it all out yet but it even has a mobile app that allows you to download your list on your smart phone...genius!
So do you have a great solution to meal planning...and sticking with it? I want to know!

Monday, September 27, 2010

We have a new niece!

Happy Monday to all...this will be a quick post just to announce our new niece...born this morning - Molly Elizabeth Phillips! She weighed 7lbs 11oz and just over 19"long...we are excited to meet her and thankful for mom and baby's health this morning!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Welcome FALL!!!!

It is officially Fall!!! Well it doesn't exactly feel like Fall around here today, but I just know it's around the corner (fingers crossed)! Today is busy for least I have a little helper at home today :) Here is my run down:
  • drop off lamp shades for Melissa, my sisternlaw, to my mothernlaw who is leaving tomorrow for D.C. - we are all awaiting the arrival of her new baby girl!!!!
  • bake items for the fall carnival at Braxton's school this evening - this is where my little helper comes in - she loves to bake!
  • still need to send out some emails for work
  • reschedule an eye doctor's appointment
  • schedule to take a vehicle in for repair - issues with cars are the worst!!!

(photo credit: Pottery Barn)

Monday, September 20, 2010

Craziness vs clarity?

We just recently "reinstated" cable at my house...due largely(o.k. specifically) because it is football season and I love my husband! So with that comes the browsing of the channels late at night after the kiddos are in bed - it is really amazing what's on t.v. now...for example I came across this show called the Rachel Zoe show (I'm not sure I spelled that correctly?). Basically she is a stylist to the stars and that is all she does - dress this star and that star for this event, for that event, was very interesting to say the least, but it also got me really thinking about craziness versus clarity! If you have ever watched the show, perhaps you even love it, I was so shocked at the sheer amount of money being invested in clothing, jewelry, and such - huge amounts! Let me explain...Sometimes I post about lovely things here on the blog - whether it is fashion, home decorating, etc..things that I love! For instance, I posted these lovely boots just the other day, noting that they are indeed wonderful , but TOTALLY out of my budget! And not just "out of my budget" but never in a million years would I spend $400-$500 on a pair of boots - that's craziness for me!
Now that is not to say they are not worth that much money, they are an investment - Frye has been around a long, long time and that fact speaks for itself! But this is my clarity...$400 to $500 could go along way in providing for my family...could go along way in providing for another family that's struggling to make ends meet....could go along way in making a huge difference in the lives of many that desperately need food, shelter, medical attention! So craziness versus clarity, what are your thoughts - is that standard different for everyone or do you think it is the same?

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Bring on Fall!

The weather has been so wonderful this least in the early morning hours! I have been so ready for Fall - it is my favorite season! To celebrate...DHB Designs is offering the Paddy Wax "Wassail" 8oz. fall scent in my opinion!!! Just find the purchase button over there to your right! Happy Tuesday!!! (I have different sizes available...just email me for pricing!)

Sunday, September 12, 2010

So pretend this is Thursday, September 9th...

It has been a busy week...lots going on - feeling more and more like myself again! Still not back to blogging daily but in the big picture...that's okay! But just for today, lets pretend it is last Thursday, September 9, 2010...a very good day - because my Olivia turned 5!!!! We had a great day at home...just the two of us (well, my dad stopped by for a couple of hours to eat lunch with us and bring a birthday present which made the day even more special) We are not officially having her party until next Saturday...but I did want to express how very much this little girl means to me! She was a blessing...a very happy, healing blessing after the miscarriage of our second child. She came into this world full force - didn't even want to wait for the doctor to say "PUSH"....independent and funny in so many ways! So happy birthday to you my Liv...this poem makes me think of you....
I carry your heart with me
by e.e. cummings
I carry your heart with me - I carry it in my heart
I am never without it - anywhere I go you go, my dear; and whatever is done by only me is your doing, my darling... I fear
No fate - for you are my fate, my sweet
I want no world - for beautiful you are my world, my true...and it's you are whatever a moon has always meant and whatever a sun will always sing is you.
Here is the deepest secret nobody knows - here is the root of the root and the bud of the bud and the sky of the sky of a tree called life; which grows higher than soul can hope or mind can hide...and this is the wonder that's keeping the stars apart
I carry your heart - I carry it in my heart!