Friday, July 31, 2009

A rug I can live with....

I was checking email this morning and catching up on some blogs when I read Lisa's post over on where she was sharing her disdain of the family room rug...I can feel her here is a great option for Lisa and the many other mom's just like her! This rug is actually carpet tiles from a company called FLOR. This picture shows a 'stripe' pattern created with different colors that I think would be perfect for Lisa's room...only in her favorite colors! The best thing about these carpet tiles, they attach to the floor with these little sticky dots on the back side but when you have a spill or pet accident, you 'pop' the tile up and clean it, yes they are washable! Or worse case scenario, just replace that tile. FLOR has so many great options...So go on over and check out their website!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Color & Sparkle!

Found this picture courtesy of I just love these pillows...the color(or some would say non-color), the texture, the really is my own personal aesthetic!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Changing it up!

So, I changed my blog colors...just because! I also wanted to post some things from my cool finds! So, today I thought I would show you the great sea fans I found at a little shop called "She Sells Sea Shells" - yeah, can you imagine saying that every time you answer the phone! Anyway, I found these for a steal:They were beautiful just hanging in the shop so I thought "hey, I can frame those in shadow boxes and they would be a great keepsake from out trip" when I got them home, I found some black shadow boxes and I did this.... Some day, I hope to have a wall large enough for all three, but in the meantime, I have two in my family room and the third in my master bedroom...they turned out really great and I can change up the look by changing the background colors!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Beginning the week

Ok, I am soooo behind on posting anything new...but I am trying to get back into some type of routine for my family, my work , and the many things on my TO DO are just a few...
  • Finish caulking newly remodeled guest bathroom - it looks GREAT!
  • Call about tile for the Master Bath - need about 2 more boxes
  • plan menu for the week - probably need to hit the grocery store too
  • CLEAN MY HOUSE -after the bathroom renovation...lots of dust and misplacement of MANY THINGS!!!!
  • pray, pray, pray(been doing this for weeks) for Braxton, today is his first day back at school in Mrs. Mitchell's 2nd Grade class...wipe away a few tears while I am at it!
  • Email Lisa at The Moxie Pear - trying to finish up details for website to go LIVE...SOOON!!!
  • Look at calendar...decide on next trip to Atlanta Design Market
Ok...I said a few, I could really keep going, but I need to actually get to all these TO DO's Happy Monday! Here is a little inspiration to keep you going - this is my vision for Liv's room(one day, when she gets her own:)) Wouldn't you love to sleep under that canopy of color!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Coming soon - DHB Designs!

I am so new website will be up and running soon!!! Click here for a sneak peek! This website has been a 'tiny seed' in my mind for years now...I kept trying to get to it over the years but my schedule for design work simply didn't allow me to. In some ways, I am glad because I never would have found this: I can't say enough great things about Lisa Bacon, owner/designer of The Moxie Pear (formerly Yummy Web Designs) She has been so great with all my questions and guiding me in what would be best! Please check her out if you are needing a website!!!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Some inspiration!

Still trying to get in a routine after our vacation to Pawleys before I start mopping down my house and paying my bills, here is a little inspiration from a beautiful line called MarniDoesn't it make you want to find all your loose odds and ends and whip up something snazzy!!!

Saturday, July 4, 2009


I have been out of the blogsphere for a much to do,etc....June was a crazy month which ended with a great vacation to Pawleys Island in South Carolina...just got back around midnight last I am about to start putting things away and sink back into home life! I will have more to post on the vacation in the next few days - lots of pictures of the kiddos and all my good finds from the local shops! Happy 4th of July!!!