Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My son, the artist!

So yesterday we took a trip to the Knoxville Museum of Art...specifically to see my son's artwork on display!!! Yes, my six year old had his first art showing! About a month ago his art teacher ask if she could display one of his paintings from Kindergarten (last spring) during a show at the museum and of course he was thrilled! Take a look at his work:

Monday, March 16, 2009

I am SUPER excited!

For months now I have been trying to make some decisions on what direction to take my design company (DHB Designs). These last few years have been VERY difficult in terms of juggling my top priority - family- with the commitments I make to my clients. This is of course all of my own doing! So I had a super idea, that I am SUPER excited about...I cannot reveal it totally at the present time, because it is still in the works!!! But I can give you some will be custom interior design at an affordable rate for those who are the 'do it yourself' types!!! At present - it is called "Designer Space" and my sisternlaw, Emily - along with her new apartment, are my guinea pig in getting this project started. I am also SUPER excited because after six years of being out on my own in this industry, I am finally getting a website going! I found a great web designer named Lisa Bacon who is SO CREATIVE (she is into all kinds of creative things - very much like myself) to help me get it going! It will be up and running this summer! Check out her work at

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

New art work...

Just a glimpse of what I am working on at the art work This piece measures 36"H by 48" was inspired by my daughter's love of is a mixed media work...original collage on canvas with acrylics, paper, recycled magazines, etc...

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Letting them learn...

Right now, I am sitting on my back patio watching my son be disobedient....I have told him to stop messing with his basketball goal, oh, about 5 times I decided to let him learn a lesson... to step aside and allow the consequences to follow...not easy for a protective mother! I remind him of why God has given us rules of those rules being "children obey your parents" it is to protect us...sometimes from ourselves! Obedience, this is a hard concept for all of us to hang onto...especially because we tend to think we know best...but I know that when I am ready to submit myself to God and his ways - his best blessings will follow! S0, Braxton has now exerted himself so hard that he is complaining of a 'headache' and has mashed his finger as well...did he learn a lesson? I'm not sure...only time will tell - but for now he is willing to call it quits on his way of doing things!!! Ah, success!