Friday, February 27, 2009

Learning about digital scrapbooking

I am learning about digital scrap appeals to me mainly because I have NO TIME to hand make scrap books for my family - even thought I love the idea of it....found this font on a great website...check it outgo to for more creative stuff!!!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Birthday money!!!

I JUST NOW spent my birthday money! Ok, I confess, I usually spend my birthday money(provided by mom and Pam) paying off bills, but I did get a few things for myself this time around!!! Take a look at what I got: JCrew sundress....gotta workout my arms!Jcrew favorite fit "pink", love, love these! and I don't actually have these, YET, but I want them!

This morning....

This morning brings good news...Liv slept well, no vomiting...thanks to my sis (Bedelia) who recommended Benadryl - strange, right...but her vomiting may have been caused by drainage!!! At any rate, I am thankful for her relief and thankful for a full night of sleep...need to get busy today!!!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Here we go AGAIN...

I have been up with Liv since 5am...she is throwing up AGAIN! We just went through a bad stomach bug about two weeks ago so I am needing some prayers!!! As I watch her suffer through dry heaving, her little body aching- I have to admit, I began to get irritated with God "why are you allowing this, allowing her to suffer AGAIN"... no sooner did this come to mind when God reminded me of His own son, Christ, hanging on a cross for ME..I cannot imagine the anguish God felt watching his son suffer and ache(much more than a little stomach bug)-knowing He could have stopped it at any moment...but for ME, he allowed it for a greater purpose! How thankful I am for that...So for now I will rock her, hold her hair back, clean up the messes and pray for quick relief!!!

Friday, February 20, 2009

A little comedy....

Here are a some pictures over the last few weeks...enjoy!
Up first is what we in the Baumann house call "crazy eye"...Olivia can make her right eye turn completely in while keeping her left eye straight is pretty amazing and VERY FUNNY! She typically throws it out there when she is feeling ignored, about to be in trouble, or when we are trying to have a serious conversation about something....oh yeah, and that's chocolate all over her mouth...
Next, we have Valentines Cards which we made by hand - so much fun!!!

Catching up...once again!

I've been out of the loop so to youngest ended up with a terrible stomach bug that kept hanging on for about a week...luckily, no one else picked it up - which is a GREAT thing b/c my washing machine is almost GONE...I am having to run the spin cycle twice on every load!!! So here is my wish list for the week: 1) the new Electrolux Washer/ Dryer System in a more neutral color: stainless steel or my favorite - WHITE... 2) the Canon Rebel XSi ...It is a DSLR camera that is amazing! I think this is the one I am wanting, still doing a little research...any suggestions on others to look at??? My pic is a little blurry...

Of course, I will be saving up for MONTHS to get both or either one of these babies...but one can dream!!!!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

My next design project...

This is my next design project for my own home... a picture wall that will be in my bedroom...I love black and white photography and I love the concept of these snapshots mixed with staged photographs...


My latest creation...a small clutch with monogram (made for a dear friend and client) Just big enough to contain all essentials....lip gloss, band-aids, safety pins, soyjoy bar! Great if you switch purses everyday!!!


This week...we got some SNOW DAYS! This is something we rarely see anymore in our is usually just enough to make you mad! So take a look at our fun....

Thursday, February 5, 2009

January Happenings

It's about 10:15pm...can't sleep so I thought I would update my 'January Happenings'...
First up...planning the week's menu which means GROCERY LIST TIME...and as always Olivia has to help prepare that I left her to it, sitting at the coffee table with paper and two washable markers (a must in my house). I went into the kitchen to pull out my cookbooks to find some new inspiration and upon returning found this:
My initial response was to SCREAM until I remembered the 'washable' on the marker I composed myself long enough to grab my camera, at which point she happily posed for a few snapshots! Olivia was very pleased with her work...such a shame I had to wash it away!
Next up - my BIRTHDAY!!! Here are a few pictures to mark the occasion...
I have a wonderful husband and two great kids who made me feel EXTRA SPECIAL with delicious cupcakes, handmade cards....add to that a book I had been wishing for from my sisternlaw -EMILY!
and to top it off - two handpainted coffee mugs painted by Braxton and Olivia, with the help of dad! Look at the artistry...fabulous!

Such is LIFE!

Do you ever get tired of waiting for customer service to 'service' you....I have been on hold with a telephone company (will not disclose their name b/c I am too kind) for 17 minutes...concerning a service that I did not request! This morning I had to go pick up my husband b/c his car would not start after dropping off Braxton at school...I had to quickly pile up Liv and her school stuff into the car and rush to get him...then drive him to work, then Liv to school - on the other side of town no doubt...and in the mean time I had to go back to the house to get dressed for my work day b/c in my rush I forgot to put on a bra!!! (maybe too much info) SUCH IS LIFE!!! But it is a good life...I am so very greatful that God has blessed me with a family to serve in this way...Paul reminds me in Romans "to take your everday, ordinary life - your sleeping, eating, going to work, walking around life and place it before God as an offering" Romans 12:1(the message) Sure keeps things in perspective! Now I am off to 'service' my design clients!!!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Trying to CATCH UP!

This is a picture of what I wish I was doing - sitting by a warm fire, in a chic chaise lounge -reading to my kids!!! Instead I am catching up on house work and trying to get a head start on SPRING between all this homemaking I will try to CATCH UP on the happenings in the month of January!
Going out to play in the first snow of 2009 (maybe the last as well)

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Christmas 08 - Closing out the year!

This is our 2008 Christmas was snapped quickly as we rushed out the door for a basketball game (I placed the camera on the arm of the sofa and set the timer, didn't know if it would work or not, but YEAH) Of course, one of my children had to let their true colors show - Olivia gave it her best!