Sunday, February 22, 2009

Here we go AGAIN...

I have been up with Liv since 5am...she is throwing up AGAIN! We just went through a bad stomach bug about two weeks ago so I am needing some prayers!!! As I watch her suffer through dry heaving, her little body aching- I have to admit, I began to get irritated with God "why are you allowing this, allowing her to suffer AGAIN"... no sooner did this come to mind when God reminded me of His own son, Christ, hanging on a cross for ME..I cannot imagine the anguish God felt watching his son suffer and ache(much more than a little stomach bug)-knowing He could have stopped it at any moment...but for ME, he allowed it for a greater purpose! How thankful I am for that...So for now I will rock her, hold her hair back, clean up the messes and pray for quick relief!!!

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