Monday, June 6, 2011

Random happenings....

I know I've dropped the ball on this blogging thing...trying to get back in the groove so here goes! Random happenings...
  • my husband just got a new teaching job in a different school system after being at the same high school for 15years...bittersweet in many ways and big changes for him! We are all very excited though - especially knowing he will now be in the same school system the kids are at!!!! Go Tornadoes!
  • Maggie is now sleeping through the night - hooorahhh!!! She started sleeping until 6am about 3 weeks ago - talk about great! I actually feel human again!
  • Olivia lost her first tooth - David and I have never seen anyone more excited - she was giddy!
  • Braxton - my almost 9 year old - convinced me he needed to try out contact lenses...mainly because "as a baseball catcher, I need to be able to throw my face mask off during important plays", we are giving that a try this week!
  • working on some changes for DHB Designs...
  • snagged a pair of Henredon Wing chairs in near perfect condition...more to come on those!
  • David and I joined a company called Advocare....David is starting the 24Day Challenge this week and I am started some other products to see if I can't get my self back into some kind of shape after baby number three - my stomach muscles are shot!!! Go check it out...fantastic company, email me if you are interested in any of their products! Go HERE!
  • Joined about addictive!!! But I am trying to convert all my images saved on my hard drive over so I can free up some space and as a bonus, my images will be super organized and that will save me loads of time when I am designing for a client!!! Go here to check it out!
That is all for now, hope you have a blessed Monday!!!