Sunday, May 31, 2009

It finally happened...

Well, it finally happened, my reliable, old Sony camera broke!!! My husband said I have been secretly wishing for it to happen - O.k., I admit - it had a little help - from my daughter that is...she loves taking photos and this time around she did something to the will no longer retract when turning it off and on....I have ask around about where to get it repaired and every response I have gotten has gone something like this "oh, you would just be better off getting a new will have to pay atleast $160 just to get it looked at"..and yadayadayadaa!!! My problem is this...I haven't saved up enough for the camera I want yet...the Canon Rebel, what to do....if you know of any deals out there...send them my way!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Today's accomplishments

This is what my day consisted of...
  • woke up super late because we had a late baseball game...
  • fixed the kids breakfast and had a cup of coffee (which amuses my son...he has this little mantra he chants when I pour myself a cup "I need a cupa coffaaay" I may have a caffeine problem!
  • played with Liv while David and Braxton went to basketball practice...
  • ate Chickfila for lunch
  • started cleaning out my closet...which has been on my TO DO LIST for a while - my mom has convinced me to have a yard sale with her so I've been cleaning out all the closets for the last few weeks and mine was the last to do....hooray - check it off!
  • Now I am chilling in the recliner trying to decide whether to do another load of laundry or call it a day - still deciding!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Dreaming of the beach

I am going to the beach this summer...haven't been in about three years and I am getting kind of excited. Here are a few things that I would like to pack in my bag! You'll notice there is no bathing suit, that's because I don't have one yet - I hate shopping for a bathing suit probably bc I hate wearing them!!!! and okay, the last picture is not something I will "pack" but it is what I hope is waiting for me at the beach house...a big bouquet of peonies!

The Weekend

I am sitting on my sofa(which by the way needs to be slip covered or recycled - 12 years and 2 children are a lot of wear and tear) watching "Bolt" with the kids...OK, I'm not really watching as much as I am clipping coupons and making "to do lists"....but our weekend has been great!We traveled down to Athens yesterday to celebrate my mom's birthday and plant some more stuff in the garden. It was a great day, here is the breakdown:
  • People: me and the kids, Mimi and Papaw, my sister & her family, my sisternlaw and her boys
  • we worked in the garden - planted more yummy vegetables
  • fed the chickens
  • ate some lunch
  • pet the horses in the neighboring field ( Liv is adamant these are her horses )
  • played with Duke and Belle - the stinky Labradors
  • had some Dairy Barn(local ice cream hangout) - walnut milkshakes are my FAVORITE
  • fixed spaghetti for dinner
  • threw the kids in the bath, put on pj's, and hopped in the car about 7:30pm to head home
It was a great day and we all slept like logs last night! Off for the ritual Sunday nap...have a good one! More to come on the above mentioned sofa, stay tuned!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Doing a little design work

Doing some design work is what I'm diggin!The pillow is Hable Constrution, lamp is Barbara Crosgove, the table is World's Away, the wall paper is unknown as of yet (but I will try to find out) and finally the leather chair is G&J Styles...

A Summary of the last few weeks...

My posts have been non-existent as of late...I guess it is the end of the school year and with that comes lots of activity! Here is the lowdown...

  • Mother's Day was gift was a spa day with girlfriends! It was great and I can't wait to do it again!
  • Lots of baseball games - Braxton is a natural and loves playing short stop...he's had several home runs and his favorite part of the game "TOKENS" , for the concession stand's all about the food for him!
  • Olivia's Ballet recital...she did great, she looked beautiful...but I think she might be more suited for something a little more rough and tumble?!!? Only time will tell...
  • David has started basketball again...gone are the days of "basketball season" now all sports seem to be "year round"....atleast now Braxton can join him at practices and workouts!
  • I jumped on board a new project with an old friend, Missy Johnson...she started a non-profit last year called "Kingdom Design Ministries". KDM provides interior design services, a 'room makeover', for children who have suffered tragedy or have been diagnosed with a disease such as cancer. If you are interested in learning more, I will be posting in more detail in the coming weeks!
  • My mom's birthday was the 19th...we are celebrating this baseball game Saturday so we will head down to Athens and spend the day working in the garden, celebrating my mom, and maybe eating some SMORES around the campfire!
  • The end of school....Liv finished up Tuesday of this week and Braxton will be done on friday - I am really excited about the summer ahead. Looking forward to the time off with the family and getting LOTS of projects done!!! Well, that is a very short summary of the last few weeks and the week ahead! Now I am off to play with my daughter...have a wonderful day!!!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Catch up Post coming!!!

Sorry for the pause in posting...I PROMISE to have a catch up post very soon...lots of great things happening! In the mean time, here is a pic of me taken by my three year old...I think she is a photographer in the making!!!! (Needs a little, maybe a lot, of photoshop magic!)

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Spa Day with the girls!

Yesterday I spent the day with two of my dearest friends - from WAY BACK!!! Pasha and Sherry! I met Sherry in 7th grade English...she sat right behind me and when the teacher called roll - she tapped me on the shoulder and said "hey , my mom's name is 'Donna' - and that was that - we were best friends! Pasha, I met through the neighborhood kids - Hannah M., Kristi P., Benny M. and Jason K. - bc they went to school at Riceville Elementary and so did she!!! The first time we met was at a bday party at Kristi Parks house - she was beautiful and sweet and dating an 'older guy' and I thought she was just SO COOL! Immediately I knew we (Sherry and I) had to be friends with her! So, the years have gone by faster than I care to admit...there have been years where we haven't talked, years where we have been close...years with heartbreaks, weddings, babies, toddlers - and yes, teenagers - but all the while these two ladies have remained a constant in my life...they are a part of who I am - and I love them!!! and I have to say big 'thankyou' to my husband - who took the day off from work to watch Liv so I could spend the day with my girls....Happy Mother's Day to me!!!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Busy, busy, busy!

It has been a while since I has been super busy...lots of happenings the month of April - lots to journal about, but no time today...I am spending the day CLEANING MY HOUSE with Liv's help...I will catch up this week with my postings, but in the is my inspiration for the day from I especially love the last picture - love the pattern and bold colors...