Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Weekend

I am sitting on my sofa(which by the way needs to be slip covered or recycled - 12 years and 2 children are a lot of wear and tear) watching "Bolt" with the kids...OK, I'm not really watching as much as I am clipping coupons and making "to do lists"....but our weekend has been great!We traveled down to Athens yesterday to celebrate my mom's birthday and plant some more stuff in the garden. It was a great day, here is the breakdown:
  • People: me and the kids, Mimi and Papaw, my sister & her family, my sisternlaw and her boys
  • we worked in the garden - planted more yummy vegetables
  • fed the chickens
  • ate some lunch
  • pet the horses in the neighboring field ( Liv is adamant these are her horses )
  • played with Duke and Belle - the stinky Labradors
  • had some Dairy Barn(local ice cream hangout) - walnut milkshakes are my FAVORITE
  • fixed spaghetti for dinner
  • threw the kids in the bath, put on pj's, and hopped in the car about 7:30pm to head home
It was a great day and we all slept like logs last night! Off for the ritual Sunday nap...have a good one! More to come on the above mentioned sofa, stay tuned!

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