Saturday, May 9, 2009

Spa Day with the girls!

Yesterday I spent the day with two of my dearest friends - from WAY BACK!!! Pasha and Sherry! I met Sherry in 7th grade English...she sat right behind me and when the teacher called roll - she tapped me on the shoulder and said "hey , my mom's name is 'Donna' - and that was that - we were best friends! Pasha, I met through the neighborhood kids - Hannah M., Kristi P., Benny M. and Jason K. - bc they went to school at Riceville Elementary and so did she!!! The first time we met was at a bday party at Kristi Parks house - she was beautiful and sweet and dating an 'older guy' and I thought she was just SO COOL! Immediately I knew we (Sherry and I) had to be friends with her! So, the years have gone by faster than I care to admit...there have been years where we haven't talked, years where we have been close...years with heartbreaks, weddings, babies, toddlers - and yes, teenagers - but all the while these two ladies have remained a constant in my life...they are a part of who I am - and I love them!!! and I have to say big 'thankyou' to my husband - who took the day off from work to watch Liv so I could spend the day with my girls....Happy Mother's Day to me!!!

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