Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Today's accomplishments

This is what my day consisted of...
  • woke up super late because we had a late baseball game...
  • fixed the kids breakfast and had a cup of coffee (which amuses my son...he has this little mantra he chants when I pour myself a cup "I need a cupa coffaaay" I may have a caffeine problem!
  • played with Liv while David and Braxton went to basketball practice...
  • ate Chickfila for lunch
  • started cleaning out my closet...which has been on my TO DO LIST for a while - my mom has convinced me to have a yard sale with her so I've been cleaning out all the closets for the last few weeks and mine was the last to do....hooray - check it off!
  • Now I am chilling in the recliner trying to decide whether to do another load of laundry or call it a day - still deciding!

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