Sunday, May 31, 2009

It finally happened...

Well, it finally happened, my reliable, old Sony camera broke!!! My husband said I have been secretly wishing for it to happen - O.k., I admit - it had a little help - from my daughter that is...she loves taking photos and this time around she did something to the will no longer retract when turning it off and on....I have ask around about where to get it repaired and every response I have gotten has gone something like this "oh, you would just be better off getting a new will have to pay atleast $160 just to get it looked at"..and yadayadayadaa!!! My problem is this...I haven't saved up enough for the camera I want yet...the Canon Rebel, what to do....if you know of any deals out there...send them my way!

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  1. Hey, I would pick up a cheap one at WalMart for now. When my bigger Fugi broke, I bought one there for 50.00 that used the same card and everyting so I didnt have to buy new accessories and it is getting the job done. I am like you and dreaming of the day I can get the one I really want :-) Good luck!


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