Friday, June 5, 2009

Finishing out the week

It has been a super busy I had not expected to be busy - but we have made it, almost. Here is the lowdown...
  • Vacation Bible School at Beech charge of outdoor activities for the 4 and 5 year word "EXHAUSTING" tonight is the last night!
  • David had two basketball camps this week, I think, wait...I am not sure anymore...but his schedule has been crazy which of course dictates my schedule.
  • My dad had some out patient surgery for head and neck issues on Tuesday - unfortunately it hasn't helped:( sorry dad
  • Had a furniture delivery/install for DHB Designs...the Chadwick Armoire from Ballards - beautiful!!!!
  • Had a meeting for non-profit I am involved with, Kingdom Design Ministries...more to come on that in the next week!!!
  • Logo proofs for my website (DHB Designs) I am so EXCITED...I will be reviewing them this weekend to make a decision!!! Thanks to Lisa for all her creativity!
  • CLEANED OUT THE GARAGE - people...this was huge! We have a whole pile for yard sale and a few things to organize, but it feels so great to have it almost completed!!! So that is my week in a nut shell, tomorrow we have ball tournaments for Braxton, cross your fingers we win the first game so we don't have to play again later in the day!!! Have a great one!

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