Friday, February 26, 2010

I've been missing....

I've been missing this week....I haven't had a chance to post anything or read any of my favorite blogs! Typically I will check them out while the kids are snacking or playing Lego's - happily occupying themselves or after they are in bed...but I've been a little wiped out this week! I am part of a nonprofit group called Kingdom Design was founded several years ago by a dear friend of mine, Missy Barker Johnson! She is also an interior designer with a heart for the Lord! She began this group as a way to minister to children and their families - we do room makeovers for children who have suffered tragedy in their young lives - whether through a terminal illness or tragic loss! This week we began a room for a little boy name Jimmy...he is so precious! So that explains my absence in's been a busy week of getting that room done! I can't wait to bring you the full story on Monday - photos of the room and all the wonderful volunteers that make it happen along with an interview with Missy! Have a wonderful weekend - I am hoping for some warm weather!!! In the meantime, go over and check out some of the previous stories of room makeovers....Kingdom Design Ministries

Monday, February 22, 2010

Happy Monday!

Happy Monday, I am back!!! My little break from the electronic world did me was harder than I anticipated at first but effortless once I hit Friday night and I didn't miss it at all over the weekend! We, my family, had a wonderful Sunday...we got outside to enjoy the warm just made me all the more ready for Spring and is a little inspiration! All these pieces are JCREW....the top four pics are from the CREW CUTS collection for kids...aren't they adorable!!! And the last three are for us big girls! I know the last photo is tights and a sweater, but I just love the gold and grey color combo - and those rockin booties - although I could never pull them off - oh well, in my dreams I guess!!! Happy Monday!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Taking a little break....

Happy Wednesday to everyone! I am going to be taking a little break until next Monday! I hope you all have a wonderful week and weekend with your loved ones!!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

What I am reading...

What I am reading.....
Training Hearts Teaching Minds based on the Shorter Catechism - great family devotional that teaches basic Christian doctrine....The Family Chef - this is a great book full of simple recipes.... Simplify Your Life - LOVE THIS...I am working my way through the PUSH sequence which is a way to tackle different organizational issues you have at home or work.... and One Yard Wonders - which comes with several patterns that I am itching to try out! These can all be found at

Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Day!

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! We had a good one! We(my husband and I) were actually gonna get to "go out" for a movie and dinner on Saturday for Valentines Day bc my parents were gonna take the kids home with them...unfortunately - we had to change our plans somewhat! The kids still went to mom and dad's, but my husband's basketball game for Friday got rescheduled for Saturday at no movie and we went to eat dinner at 8:30pm, after the game! It was delicious though, we ate at the Bone Fish Grill! It was really nice to have some time together, just the two of us...can't really remember the last time we got that!!! Hope everyone had a sweet day with their sweetie!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Friday Feature

YEAH, it's Friday! Soooo glad that the weekend is almost here! To celebrate I am doing a "Friday Feature" which I haven't done in a long time! To usher in Spring I am featuring this wonderful candle from Paddy is called Limoncello and it smells wonderful - lemony fresh! Perfect for that "spring clean" feeling!!! This 8oz. Candle has a lead free wick and is made of natural fragrance oils and vegetable wax!

DHB Designs $25.00

To purchase, just click the Paypal button on the right!!! Have a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

They missed this one!!!

Well it took me just over an hour to pick up my oldest from school!!! We started with light flurries this morning around 8am and by 9am our street was completely covered!!!!!! They really missed this one - not one word or possibility that it would produce anything! Then came the phone call that school was cancelled so off we went to pick up B....over an hour to and from the school! It was very nerve racking and we had a one close call! Glad I don't live in an area that gets snow all the time! Now we wait for the hubby to get home around noon! Happy Thursday and stay warm!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Bedroom Inspiration....

Happy Monday! The longer I am in the design industry, the more I realize how important our surroundings are! I am not talking about spending mega bucks to have what some consider a designer room, but to really think about the aspect of "home"! I do believe our surroundings, our environment, can have a tremendous effect on our soul - good or bad! Now, lets be clear - we can all be 'discontent' with what we have - that's not what I am talking about...I am talking about setting up a "home" that makes you feel enriched! One place that can be a start is the master bedroom! This room really should be a place of solitude and comfort! Here are some of my favorite inspiration picks... I think my favorite bedrooms are those that are uncluttered, simple! Here are some of the steps I have my clients go through when beginning a new design project...
  • Pull inspiration pictures from magazines, books - it doesn't have to be a room, but simply something that inspires you...
  • Get a plan! If you are creative, the DIY type, then plan it all out - if you need some help, perhaps consider a designer. The miniBLUEPRINT or BLUEPRINT are great services at an affordable rate that allow you to build your room as your budget allows!
  • take inventory of what you have and consider your budget - if your budget only allows for a new coat of paint - then start there, it can make a dramatic difference! Also, be very selective about what you keep - DO YOU LOVE IT??? If you don't, pass it along to someone who does!
  • Empty out the room of clutter and get a fresh start - go back to your inspiration....and begin from there. A real "deep cleaning" can instantly lift the room!
  • Purchase the best mattress you can afford - it too is well worth the investment!
  • Now, the matter of the T.V. - this has been a big issue when creating a sanctuary in the bedroom....I won't pretend to know the answer - I think that is a personal choice, but choose wisely!
  • Go simple on linens - you'll never regret it and it will still look good ten years down the road. If you need a change, simple switch out pillows to add punch!
  • Think about what you love to have at your side when you are curled up in of water, books, pen and notepad, Ipod, magazines, etc....have a place for those things, but a place that is discreet - perhaps a basket under your bedside table...or convert a side table that has lots of drawers into your nightstand!

Well, I am now off to create a little "home" for myself! Have a great Monday!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Home with my family...

It is Saturday and verrrryyy cold...just got home from Upward basketball and lunch with my parents (thanks mom). The boys just left for the second game of the day and Liv and I are about to break out the play dough!!! I heard about this "little" event in Nashville this weekend called "BLISSDOM10" where lots of lovelies gather together to learn about blogging, business, looks like a lot of funny BUT sadly - it is basketball season which means I cannot travel!!! So instead I joined this party....go over and join too! Happy weekend and stay warm!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Things I love...

Once again, I have nothing grand to post is Friday and I am sooooo glad (although my weekend schedule is already looking a little too busy) I am spending the day catching up on house work which I seem to have lost control of over the last week - so much for that cleaning schedule I was working on! So all I have are some photos stored away on my computer of things I love, things that inspire me - love all you creative people out there!!! Happy Friday! This child's bedroom is very is a log cabin but the room feels very modern! My mom is wanting to turn one of her bedrooms into a playroom for the grandkids - I think this would work nicely! Source unknown... I checked out this book from the library... I love it! I had already tried a recipe from it that was featured in a magazine...if you love simple food and simple recipes - this one is a must! This is a necklace from Etsy...I have really been drawn to these quartz jewels...they are rustic but still very delicate! I am sorry I don't know the source - please let me know if you recognize it !!!! This little girls vest is sooooo is by Barbara Berrada at Far Les must look at her beautiful things....and last but not least is this Digi Scrapbook kit by Karla Dudley Designs....I just recently found her blog and her scrapbooking products and I LOVE THEM! I am terribly behind on any type of scrapbooking for my family and I started reading about digital scrapbooking and fell in love with it! I just ordered this kit and I will probably combine it with regular scapbooking materials for a mix!!! Go check her out!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Happy Anniversary...

Well, my blog is officially one year old today! It amazes me how fast a year can pass by so quickly! A year ago, I didn't know what a "blog" was....I am not even sure now how I came across the concept - I think it was maybe my sister-n-law, Kara, who started hers and sent me a link to check it out. From there, I found soooo many wonderful blogs....women just like me, recording their days, their creativity, their faith, their family - I was hooked! At time where all my favorite magazines were folding - it was welcome source for all things creative! I quickly found that people start blogs for many different reasons - I began my blog as a place to journal everyday happenings...with family, life, design, faith, etc...As I spent a little time going back through my posts...I recognized it has been a "growth" year for me in many ways - as a wife, a mom, a designer and ultimately as one who puts her trust in God above! Thank you to all who bother to read my daily ramblings - my words are nothing grand, philosophical, or life changing - just me being who I am and wanting to record these moments forever! I hope you have a wonderful Thursday!!!
Photo:Esty 2Beautifulthings

Monday, February 1, 2010


I don't usually post twice on the same day, but I came across this and it just made me happy, I think it will make you happy too! It is tape...all colors and patterns and it is from a company called Happy Tape!

Counting my blessings...

Happy house is waking up slowly's almost 8am and my four year old is still asleep!!! My husband called from work,can't believe that she is still asleep - he is a tad bitter because on Saturdays when we could sleep in, she is usually yelling at about 7am that she is AWAKE! Anyway, just counting my blessings today and here are two.... If you need a laugh, you can always come over to my house - these two love to entertain! Have a great Monday!