Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Happy Anniversary...

Well, my blog is officially one year old today! It amazes me how fast a year can pass by so quickly! A year ago, I didn't know what a "blog" was....I am not even sure now how I came across the concept - I think it was maybe my sister-n-law, Kara, who started hers and sent me a link to check it out. From there, I found soooo many wonderful blogs....women just like me, recording their days, their creativity, their faith, their family - I was hooked! At time where all my favorite magazines were folding - it was welcome source for all things creative! I quickly found that people start blogs for many different reasons - I began my blog as a place to journal everyday happenings...with family, life, design, faith, etc...As I spent a little time going back through my posts...I recognized it has been a "growth" year for me in many ways - as a wife, a mom, a designer and ultimately as one who puts her trust in God above! Thank you to all who bother to read my daily ramblings - my words are nothing grand, philosophical, or life changing - just me being who I am and wanting to record these moments forever! I hope you have a wonderful Thursday!!!
Photo:Esty 2Beautifulthings


  1. Congratulations, and Happy Anniversary! Your words help others more than you know-you are inspiring! Have a wonderful day:)

  2. I am sorry I am so late, but HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!!!!!!! I am very behind on my blog reading!


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