Monday, February 8, 2010

Bedroom Inspiration....

Happy Monday! The longer I am in the design industry, the more I realize how important our surroundings are! I am not talking about spending mega bucks to have what some consider a designer room, but to really think about the aspect of "home"! I do believe our surroundings, our environment, can have a tremendous effect on our soul - good or bad! Now, lets be clear - we can all be 'discontent' with what we have - that's not what I am talking about...I am talking about setting up a "home" that makes you feel enriched! One place that can be a start is the master bedroom! This room really should be a place of solitude and comfort! Here are some of my favorite inspiration picks... I think my favorite bedrooms are those that are uncluttered, simple! Here are some of the steps I have my clients go through when beginning a new design project...
  • Pull inspiration pictures from magazines, books - it doesn't have to be a room, but simply something that inspires you...
  • Get a plan! If you are creative, the DIY type, then plan it all out - if you need some help, perhaps consider a designer. The miniBLUEPRINT or BLUEPRINT are great services at an affordable rate that allow you to build your room as your budget allows!
  • take inventory of what you have and consider your budget - if your budget only allows for a new coat of paint - then start there, it can make a dramatic difference! Also, be very selective about what you keep - DO YOU LOVE IT??? If you don't, pass it along to someone who does!
  • Empty out the room of clutter and get a fresh start - go back to your inspiration....and begin from there. A real "deep cleaning" can instantly lift the room!
  • Purchase the best mattress you can afford - it too is well worth the investment!
  • Now, the matter of the T.V. - this has been a big issue when creating a sanctuary in the bedroom....I won't pretend to know the answer - I think that is a personal choice, but choose wisely!
  • Go simple on linens - you'll never regret it and it will still look good ten years down the road. If you need a change, simple switch out pillows to add punch!
  • Think about what you love to have at your side when you are curled up in of water, books, pen and notepad, Ipod, magazines, etc....have a place for those things, but a place that is discreet - perhaps a basket under your bedside table...or convert a side table that has lots of drawers into your nightstand!

Well, I am now off to create a little "home" for myself! Have a great Monday!


  1. we are in need of a new mattress, we are hoping this will be the year. Love the room from Katie Lee's home.

  2. Oh, our bedroom needs some work! It was not designed well and it is very hard to have any amount of furniture in it. We have moved and rearranged every which way. Sadly, it usually is the last room in the house to get decorated. I do make sure it is clean and free of clutter, but it is rather plain!

  3. Donna...these are all gorgeous images...I am almost finished my bedroom makeover...till I change my mind again :)


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