Saturday, February 6, 2010

Home with my family...

It is Saturday and verrrryyy cold...just got home from Upward basketball and lunch with my parents (thanks mom). The boys just left for the second game of the day and Liv and I are about to break out the play dough!!! I heard about this "little" event in Nashville this weekend called "BLISSDOM10" where lots of lovelies gather together to learn about blogging, business, looks like a lot of funny BUT sadly - it is basketball season which means I cannot travel!!! So instead I joined this party....go over and join too! Happy weekend and stay warm!


  1. I stopped by from the blog hop and wanted to tell you what a great blog you have. It's super cold where I am too. Stay warm!

  2. Hoppin' over from Patty's party. Cold here in TX too. I'm holding out for summer and hoping it comes quickly! Nice to meet you!

  3. thanks for blog-hopping with me... we are forbidden to travel during baseball season, so girl, i get it! enjoy those games while you can! :)

  4. I'm "Not at Blissdom" either... but since I only live 45 minutes from it, I know for a fact it has been cold, rainy and they were not the only conference there... yep, that's right, the National Tea Party was there... media circus, Sarah Palin and all...I'm sure it was fun and everything (Harry Connick Jr...after all) but I'll stay home with my "sour grapes"...

    I'm really just kidding...I'd love to be there...that was my lame attempt at humor...


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