Saturday, August 29, 2009

Hoping for a productive weekend!

Hoping for a productive TO DO LIST keeps getting longer and longer until that is all I can focus on at times - how long it is! Instead I should be focusing on each little step I do accomplish - I think my mindset would be so much here are a few of the things at the top of the list...
  1. clean out those misc boxes stacked in my bedroom
  2. finish the tile in my master bathroom
  3. paint the master bathroom
  4. check to see if my website is working correctly now...
  5. finish birthday invites for Olivia's 4th bday party...then get them printed!
  6. weed the flower beds, again!!!
  7. finish Kingdom Design Ministries Blog update for Missy
  8. mail Pasha that DVD series I have had sitting on my desk for 3 WEEKS (sorry girl)
  9. have Braxton finally sit down to finish his "thank you" cards from his birthday - IN JUNE
  10. clean out my closet
and it goes on and what did I accomplish today - #10 , yes, that's it...oh well,tomorrow is another day!

Thursday, August 27, 2009


Thanks goes out to my dear friend Sherry, she confirmed what I suspected...I was having technical difficulty with my we are gonna set the COMING SOON page back up and have my web designer do a little reworking!!! Thanks Sherry :)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

and we are LIVE!

DHB Design studio is up and has been a loooong process and there are still a few kinks that need to be fixed but we will just roll with it...if you click on the link in my side bar, it will take you straight there...please go over for a visit, check it out, and let me know if there is anything weird going on that I can't see on my end...if you have any questions, please drop me a line at More portfolio pics coming along with some FEATURE items I will be offering for sale.
I am so excited to introduce a new service I am providing called's for clients who don't necessarily need my full services or feel they can't afford a "designer"...BLUEPRINT is an alternative service that gives you a professionally designed room - from top to bottom - for a flat give me photos, dimensions, inspiration sheets and fill out the Client Profile and I send you a completely designed room from top to bottom with floorplan, elevations, renderings, inspiration boards, fabrics, paint...and the list goes on and on!!! Here are a few pics of a BLUEPRINT presentation (still having problems loading some of them onto my website)
BLUEPRINT is done online through email and you will receive your presentation in a linen wrapped binder!!! Go on, check it out!

Planning my day!

Just a quick post to highlight some new products I am offering at DHB Designs...these are from Mom Agenda, but they are great for anyone - even if you don't have kiddos running around! The planner is absolutely has everything you need to keep organized - it is refillable and it is in a stylish leather portfolio...the second item I am featuring is the WEEKLY MENU planner which has a perforated section that you can tear off to run to the store with! If you are interested in ordering these or any other momagenda product, email me @ You can also check out their other great products at

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I am so is just Tuesday night and I am already dad had major surgery Monday morning to fix the pain he has been living with for the last year. The surgery itself took about an hour and a half, waiting on him to come up from the recovery room took about 2 hours, and then visiting, another hour or so....went back this morning to give my mom a break...they decided he was well enough to go home - know how long that took - about an hour....they sure don't waste any time moving you out!!! He is doing well, the pain is gone - well, not the recovery part of the pain - but the other part he went in for! Thanks to all my friends who were and are praying - I know it makes a difference!!! I am now staring at a house that is two days behind in cleaning and a desk of work that is also behind, PLUS a website that should be up and running, but it's not - it still reads "COMING SOON" tomorrow is another day, wish me luck and I will wish you the same!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

New stuff!

Just met with a rep from J. Douglas last week...seriously my favorite showroom in Atlanta...she brought me finish samples for a new line they are carrying...Noir furniture...LOVE IT! Take a look at just a few of their wonderful things... If you are interested in the above pieces or see something you have to have on their website...just email me at

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Great idea!

I was just catching up on some blog reading this morning and I came across this website called Secret Agent L , curious I checked it out... The concept is to do a random act of kindness for strings attached, no reward, no 'thank you'...what a great idea...I can't wait to try my own mission...definitely a cool way to teach your children how to give of themselves by serving others in the simplest way!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Loving my new website!

Just a little break from work...I wanted to post an update on my website I am adding some finishing touches this week and by weeks end it should be up and running LIVE! I am so thrilled with Lisa Bacon's design here to go on over and take a peek at her stuff!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Counting my blessings!

Need to do a little work tonight...took one last look at the kids as they were sleeping and their sweet faces reminded me to count my blessings...and I have lots!!!

Something new...

Ok, it has been a week with no posting...been a little busy with kiddos starting school/preschool and my website,, is just about ready to go I have been busy getting that tweaked and ready to go! So for today, here is something new I came across... This is a company called Ferm Living and they have really cute stuff! I am loving the pillow for a children's room and I LOVE the wallpaper with the peacock feather...wish it was available in different colors!

Friday, August 7, 2009

A tribute to 'hand made'

Today I came across this: These are beautiful, hand made pieces by Emerson...if you are looking for a gift that will be a cherished heirloom - then you've found it! So much nicer than mass produced stuff!!! Signing off...happy weekend to all!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Love this!

I have been in a mode of posting design and lifestyle 'stuff' here are a few more things I love! These are from Dabney Lee Home...I have posted several of her things before but I just love the new Lucite Trays and the SuperNotePads....I love the punch of color because I am mostly a "neutral" person so these would be nice to add a little color! If you are loving these too, you can order them through DHB Designs, so drop me a line for pricing!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Nothing glamorous to post today because My TO DO getting longer by the minute!!!
  • call Jimmy - reschedule appointment to look at tile because.....
  • I am having car issues...:(
  • Go get the Civic a little grocery shopping while I am at it
  • Pay bills
  • check client emails
  • Help Liv clean up her bedroom, again...
  • finish cleaning out boxes in the dining room - ORGANIZE!!!!!!!
  • Drop Liv off with David so I can go to my dental appointment
  • Call Kerri...not sure we can meet tonight for our prayer group
and last, but not least....remember our family verse for the week bc it will help me get through all the above "do everything without complaining or arguing" Phil 2:14 HAPPY WEDNESDAY TO ALL!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

These rock!

I usually don't post twice in one day, but I came across this great give away! These rock...I haven't bought a new pair of jeans since before my daughter was born...that's been almost four years ago...I know, it's very sad! So imagine my excitement when I found these over on 2Ellie . She is having a little give away - a chance to win these babies! They would be perfect with these boots that I have been drooling over for a while and I found a few other things that would finish them off: Boots are SHEPLERS, dream bag and necklace ANTHROPOLOGIE, tshirt and sweater JCREW

The Search begins...

It's time....I have put it off long enough, I am searching for a new sofa!!! I have been fighting this for some time now, mainly bc my little ones are still in the 'messy' phase...although I am not sure that ever ends! But since we are going to be putting our house on the market, I think staging it would definitely benefit, so here are some options to start with: I know what you are saying , "are you crazy, white sofas!" but my thinking is this...they are both slipcovers and there is this thing called I will continue to think and ponder, in the meantime, maybe I could add this.... Sofas are both Ikea , Pillow Kelly Wearstler , Peony photo courtesy of, Chair is NOIR (can purchase through DHB designs)