Saturday, August 29, 2009

Hoping for a productive weekend!

Hoping for a productive TO DO LIST keeps getting longer and longer until that is all I can focus on at times - how long it is! Instead I should be focusing on each little step I do accomplish - I think my mindset would be so much here are a few of the things at the top of the list...
  1. clean out those misc boxes stacked in my bedroom
  2. finish the tile in my master bathroom
  3. paint the master bathroom
  4. check to see if my website is working correctly now...
  5. finish birthday invites for Olivia's 4th bday party...then get them printed!
  6. weed the flower beds, again!!!
  7. finish Kingdom Design Ministries Blog update for Missy
  8. mail Pasha that DVD series I have had sitting on my desk for 3 WEEKS (sorry girl)
  9. have Braxton finally sit down to finish his "thank you" cards from his birthday - IN JUNE
  10. clean out my closet
and it goes on and what did I accomplish today - #10 , yes, that's it...oh well,tomorrow is another day!

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