Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I am so exhausted...it is just Tuesday night and I am already spent...my dad had major surgery Monday morning to fix the pain he has been living with for the last year. The surgery itself took about an hour and a half, waiting on him to come up from the recovery room took about 2 hours, and then visiting, another hour or so....went back this morning to give my mom a break...they decided he was well enough to go home - know how long that took - about an hour....they sure don't waste any time moving you out!!! He is doing well, the pain is gone - well, not the recovery part of the pain - but the other part he went in for! Thanks to all my friends who were and are praying - I know it makes a difference!!! I am now staring at a house that is two days behind in cleaning and a desk of work that is also behind, PLUS a website that should be up and running, but it's not - it still reads "COMING SOON"...so tomorrow is another day, wish me luck and I will wish you the same!

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