Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Happy Birthday to me!

Happy birthday to me....I am 36 today!!! I must say this last year has been a up and down year. Many changes, the biggest one being I am about to be a mom of THREE - something I had not planned it has been a year of "leaning" on the Lord and trusting in His plan instead of my own. God is good and I am blessed beyond measure when I think of all I have. Right now I'm sitting at home with my two wonderful of which is "cleaning" my house for me because she said "it's your birthday and you shouldn't have to clean on your birthday" sweet five year old girl - she makes me smile!!! My oldest has some big ideas about the two of them baking a birthday cake for me...on their own - we'll see how that goes :) My daughter keeps asking me what I want for my birthday...I told her just to be with my family and chill out tonight - which wasn't an acceptable answer so here are a few things on my wish list, plus a few more things I'm saving up for:
Some new sunglasses since I just broke my $5 Target pair....they lasted a year which is pretty amazing - mine typically don't make it through the summer! I'm also loving FRESH from Sephora...this "High Noon" bronzer would be fantastic since I'm looking pretty pasty white!
This Ikea Lack series bookcase in white...need it for the new nursery/playroom...and the Gulliver Crib from Ikea to finish the room off!
and last but not least these are a couple of things I'm saving up my Christmas and birthday money for...A Kitchen Aid stand mixer - my fourteen year old hand held is on it's last leg! And last but not least...this Canon 50mm 1.4 lens!
Happy Wednesday to all and thank you to all my family and friends for the wonderful birthday wishes!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Looking back...moving forward!

Please forgive my absence...we've been juggling a lot of things over here (9 weeks before our new addition arrives - or at least I pray she waits that long) and spending time looking back and moving forward into the new year. I will probably be taking more time away from this blog in the coming month as we prayerfully consider changes that we want to make in 2011...including changes to this blog! So many wonderful books and sites that I have been using to help us in this journey - looking forward to sharing those with you soon! I hope you have a wonderful week - we are snowed in here and loving it! Happy Tuesday! Family Christmas photo 2010