Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Letting them learn...

Right now, I am sitting on my back patio watching my son be disobedient....I have told him to stop messing with his basketball goal, oh, about 5 times now...so I decided to let him learn a lesson... to step aside and allow the consequences to follow...not easy for a protective mother! I remind him of why God has given us rules ..one of those rules being "children obey your parents" it is to protect us...sometimes from ourselves! Obedience, this is a hard concept for all of us to hang onto...especially because we tend to think we know best...but I know that when I am ready to submit myself to God and his ways - his best blessings will follow! S0, Braxton has now exerted himself so hard that he is complaining of a 'headache' and has mashed his finger as well...did he learn a lesson? I'm not sure...only time will tell - but for now he is willing to call it quits on his way of doing things!!! Ah, success!

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