Monday, July 27, 2009

Beginning the week

Ok, I am soooo behind on posting anything new...but I am trying to get back into some type of routine for my family, my work , and the many things on my TO DO are just a few...
  • Finish caulking newly remodeled guest bathroom - it looks GREAT!
  • Call about tile for the Master Bath - need about 2 more boxes
  • plan menu for the week - probably need to hit the grocery store too
  • CLEAN MY HOUSE -after the bathroom renovation...lots of dust and misplacement of MANY THINGS!!!!
  • pray, pray, pray(been doing this for weeks) for Braxton, today is his first day back at school in Mrs. Mitchell's 2nd Grade class...wipe away a few tears while I am at it!
  • Email Lisa at The Moxie Pear - trying to finish up details for website to go LIVE...SOOON!!!
  • Look at calendar...decide on next trip to Atlanta Design Market
Ok...I said a few, I could really keep going, but I need to actually get to all these TO DO's Happy Monday! Here is a little inspiration to keep you going - this is my vision for Liv's room(one day, when she gets her own:)) Wouldn't you love to sleep under that canopy of color!

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  1. that set up is DARLING! love it! you seem to have a real eye for design and decoration, two things i have NO idea about hehe. your blog is very inpirational :)


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