Friday, July 31, 2009

A rug I can live with....

I was checking email this morning and catching up on some blogs when I read Lisa's post over on where she was sharing her disdain of the family room rug...I can feel her here is a great option for Lisa and the many other mom's just like her! This rug is actually carpet tiles from a company called FLOR. This picture shows a 'stripe' pattern created with different colors that I think would be perfect for Lisa's room...only in her favorite colors! The best thing about these carpet tiles, they attach to the floor with these little sticky dots on the back side but when you have a spill or pet accident, you 'pop' the tile up and clean it, yes they are washable! Or worse case scenario, just replace that tile. FLOR has so many great options...So go on over and check out their website!

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