Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A little problem over here...

I think I have a little problem over here at my house...I've been SOOOO busy over the last few weeks that I having NOTHING wrapped and placed under the tree! My problem is five year old has resorted to picking up random objects around the house and "wrapping" them (which consists of a little ribbon, glue, random boxes she finds) and placing them under the tree! In fact at this very moment I spy one of her baby doll cradles being used as a "box" for a present which is actually a book she pulled off the shelf in the playroom,ha! Gotta love kids! Be back soon!


  1. I had that problem with both kids last year. Random "gifts" from their rooms wrapped (if you will) ever so lovely and placed under my tree. Fun times!!

  2. That's too funny Kim...the problem with Liv is she wants to do it every night - then she wants them opened immediately, ha...I have ribbon and boxes all over the place!

  3. That is way too cute!! Hopefully you'll be able to distinguish between the real and fake gifts! ;-)

    Happy Monday Dear! xo


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