Monday, September 20, 2010

Craziness vs clarity?

We just recently "reinstated" cable at my house...due largely(o.k. specifically) because it is football season and I love my husband! So with that comes the browsing of the channels late at night after the kiddos are in bed - it is really amazing what's on t.v. now...for example I came across this show called the Rachel Zoe show (I'm not sure I spelled that correctly?). Basically she is a stylist to the stars and that is all she does - dress this star and that star for this event, for that event, was very interesting to say the least, but it also got me really thinking about craziness versus clarity! If you have ever watched the show, perhaps you even love it, I was so shocked at the sheer amount of money being invested in clothing, jewelry, and such - huge amounts! Let me explain...Sometimes I post about lovely things here on the blog - whether it is fashion, home decorating, etc..things that I love! For instance, I posted these lovely boots just the other day, noting that they are indeed wonderful , but TOTALLY out of my budget! And not just "out of my budget" but never in a million years would I spend $400-$500 on a pair of boots - that's craziness for me!
Now that is not to say they are not worth that much money, they are an investment - Frye has been around a long, long time and that fact speaks for itself! But this is my clarity...$400 to $500 could go along way in providing for my family...could go along way in providing for another family that's struggling to make ends meet....could go along way in making a huge difference in the lives of many that desperately need food, shelter, medical attention! So craziness versus clarity, what are your thoughts - is that standard different for everyone or do you think it is the same?


  1. What a great post! I think the clarity comes for me when I remember that I am called to be a good manager of all that is entrusted to me. It all belongs to Him :-)

  2. I totally am there with you....I rarely buy anything that is not on clearance at homegoods or TJ....I think you can get the same look elsewise. I love the show, too, but what a sad state of affairs for that marriage!

  3. So true is easy to forget that day in and day out! And yes Julie - I love TJMaxx and Homegoods - you can get the same look for a reasonable price...I agree,don't think that marriage will survive - different priorities and so very sad!!!

  4. Thanks for your sweet comment today! Glad you found me somehow! I have some catching up to do here!

    These boots are gorgeous, but I'm with you: crazy to sound that much on shoes! $500 can go toward blessing others...not just toward something you put on your feet for a few months a year!


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