Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Waiting for Friday and Country Living Fair

Is it Friday yet???...It's just Wednesday and I am already wiped out! Spent the morning into lunch at Maple Lane Farms on field trip with my daughter! Being 19 weeks pregnant and taking a "hay ride" aren't a very good mix, ha!!! Anyway, I survived and it was a lot of fun to see her hanging out with her girlfriends from school!!! Then we traveled back across town to pick up my oldest and head to a dental appointment - NO CAVITIES, yes!!!! So I am definitely looking forward to the mom and I are heading down for the Country Living Fair in Stone Mountain, GA. It will probably be my last trip before the baby gets here in March so I better enjoy it!!! Here are a couple of photos from their website, really can't wait to see what I find! Hope you had a great Wednesday!


  1. Have fun...that pulled pork is amazing.

  2. We were at the dentist today too and saw where you guys had signed in! :) That was funny!

  3. Yay no cavities!!
    How in the world are you already almost halfway there?? I'm sure you are not thinking the same as I am and are wondering why so much longer!?!? LOL
    Have fun at the fair! I haven't been to Stone Mtn in sooo long.

  4. Have the best time at the fair! Can you believe I was going up until today (Chris got booked for a night shoot tonight). Please post about what you find. Julie

  5. so wish i could have gone. Hope you have a blast.


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