Saturday, November 28, 2009

What a day!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving with lots of food, family, and friends - I know I did! Yesterday I decided to join my mom, sister, and sisternlaw for a day of Christmas shopping - yes, on Black Friday! I had a very short list so for me it was more of a "socializing" trip than shopping trip, but what a day! We met up at 7:30am at the SUPER Target and it was unbelievable...the checkout lines, about 20 of them, were backed up to the back of the store itself...yes, from the checkout counters, it wrapped all the way around the store and to the back! Luckily by the time we were all ready to check out, the lines were much shorter...Anyway, we enjoyed a great morning, had brunch, then went our separate ways! I came home to an extremely messy house so today, this morning, we (the whole family) will be cleaning up and getting ready to do holiday decorations tomorrow! I wish I had some of these lovely products to try out...


  1. I didn't make it out on Black Friday, but I wish I had!

  2. I love Meyer's when I come across them (not regularly). Their scents are amazing!


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