Tuesday, November 3, 2009

An ever growing problem....

Sorry for the lag in posting, but I am having issues with my blog...so we will see how this post turns out! O.k., so I have an ever growing problem at my house and I would love to hear your ideas on how you fix this problem at your house....kids! No, not the actual kids themselves, but the "mess" that comes with the kids! I attempted to wrangle in this problem about a year ago by combining my children's bedrooms - two twin beds in one room - and use the other bedroom for a playroom! I really thought I had outdone myself...I had lofty ideas that magically the "mess" would stay in the playroom where it would magically organize itself and be the room that they stayed in all the time.....well, here we are, over a year later and the "mess" is still all over the house! To beat it all, they don't even go in the playroom most of the time, probably bc it is such a mess! So I have been trying to gather ideas on getting the playroom organized, ideas on making it functional as well as aesthetically pleasing...here are a few of my inspirations...I totally love Kelly Wearstler's idea for a "library" room for her children...I could so use something like this because the books never seem to stay organized on the bookcase...with all the books facing out, it makes it so much easier for little hands to take and put away. I also love the decal wall frames from Land of Nod...too fun... and of course, a chalkboard wall (already got one of those and love it!)
Obviously we need storage...baskets, open storage, etc.....but it needs to be easy to get in and out of! We also have this art easel in our playroom - dry erase on one side and a roll of paper to paint to their hearts desire....so tell me, what are your secrets for keeping it all organized?
All pictures courtesy of Cookie, Land of Nod, and Nesting blog....


  1. oh boy, I have been dealing with this myself. I thought it would help to have a basket for everything, but alas still not as clean as I like. What has somewhat helped is to keep toys to somewhat of a minimum compared to the rest of the US. bad mom maybe, but good for my sanity.

  2. No Paula, I totally agree...it seems that may be where I am headed too!


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