Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Farewell Michael!

Yes, I am one of of those DANCING WITH THE STARS crazy people! I love the show, have watched it over the years, but this year I have enjoyed it for different reasons....I first began watching the show because I love dance...second because the thrill of a live show and you just never know if someone is going to bust it, and third it is one of the very few shows that my husband and I watch together (he might kill me for revealing that little detail)...none the less I have truly enjoyed watching this year because of this guy Michael star extraordinaire (not that I knew that prior to my husband telling me). He is not the best dancer on the floor but he is by far an example of what it means to put people first. If you haven't followed DWTS..the show is about is a competition! You know this guy is all about winning - he is a champion, football Hall of Famer! Yet this guy has been a constant source of support and encouragement for all his fellow competitors - you see clips of him hugging a young Aaron Carter, who at that moment is so down on himself, reassuring him that he is a winner no matter what! You see him smiling through critical judge comments, never making excuses, rallying his team when they were crumbling - he is just one awesome guy! Such a refreshing change from the typical Hollywood egos we often see and a great reminder that people are more important than farewell Michael...I will miss you!

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  1. Hey there. I found your blog! I can relate to your previous post about toys. I am an organizer, and I am finding as my boys grow, that less toys is most definately the best. Not only does it help with clutter, but they play more with what they have. I am opting for higher quality toys but fewer of them.


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