Thursday, November 19, 2009

Pretty in Pink

Today was a successful day...I got several things checked off my list for a client...even got a few Christmas presents done, unexpectedly - love it when that happens! Home Goods rocks...if you don't have one close by, my apologies! Also found this....
It will be going in my office to replace this....
Shameful, I know! This is my mail center, cord holder, cell phone, calculator, stapler, etc....area on my desk - so when I found this 'pretty in pink' box, I had to have it! Here's to $19.99 worth of organization - or atleast a hidden mess!


  1. Love it, you've got to love HomeGoods, they have everything! I saw that box in lime green there and I've been tempted to buy it. Maybe I need to go there now...

  2. Thanks for the new site suggestion. I can't wait to get some time to look at it further. Love the box! I love to organize. I actually find it fun and relaxing.

  3. Jealousy!!! I love that box!!!

  4. 100% agree on the home goods front! Visit the one in the low 70s on the West Side all the time!

  5. adorable! Um, I think I am running to Home Goods right now! wish me luck!


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