Thursday, November 5, 2009

An ordinary day...

Today is an ordinary day...Braxton goes to school...I drop off Liv at 9am for preschool...back to my home office to TRY to gain some control over the chaos - home and work related! Lately I have been yearning for the simple things...the simple life, simple schedule, simple budget, simple work, simple home....I could go on and on! The more time passes, the more I see those simple things falling away and with them my sense of "measuring up". On most days, I measure myself according to how well behaved my children are (or how they are misbehaving :)), am I spending quality time with my loved ones, the chaos that is my house, have I paid my bills on time, am I getting my client jobs completed, etc...etc... All this leaves me feeling a bit inadequate, but then I read this:
"An ordinary day in the dark challenges my desire to perform perfectly. It demands recognition that who I am and what I struggle with are not the same thing. It constantly causes me to affirm my identity in God alone - not in what I can or cannot do. Darkness is benevolent in that way. It is what God uses to keep me acquainted with the liberating truth that I AM WHO HE SAYS I AM, NOT WHAT I LABEL MYSELF."
Written by Jennifer Rothschild, a wife and mother who also happens to be blind! While I am not blind, I connected with this so deeply. There are other issues in my life that "demand recognition" of who I am...I just have to remember to listen to the only voice that matters! Happy Thursday!

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