Monday, November 9, 2009


Another Monday, I am already behind....I have nothing creative to post this here is what is on my mind...
  • How do people "homeschool"? This is amazing to me because I can't seem to keep the attention of my children for 10 minutes let alone and entire day...but I have been reading alot about homeschooling over here and here... NOT that I am homeschooling, but I would like to add some of the great principles and curriculum into our daily routines!
  • My house is a wreck...I don't know where to begin in cleaning it up!
  • My four year old says she "doesn't feel well" so she needs to eat her Halloween candy all day...
  • I just found out there is a problem with a table that I ordered for a client...I hate problems!
  • I need to finish making 100+ auction paddles for the KDM Fundraiser which is THIS read more go here!
  • Need to work on finalizing my mini BLUEPRINT service for website....if you are curious go here!
  • I haven't even begun to think about CHRISTMAS because we have our house on the market and I can't seem to get into 'planning' mode b/c I keep thinking "what if we sell our house?" CHAOS!
  • I am thankful for God's mercies...that even though I don't always feel like it, I know He has equipped me to be who He created me to I will think about that as I go about the rest of my day!


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