Friday, April 9, 2010

Gotta catch up!

I am super behind this week...on every aspect of my life! So Happy Friday! Here's what's on my LIST for the weekend:
  • CLEAN MY HOUSE - it looks like a disaster area!!!
  • attend a birthday party tonight for Sydney (one of Olivia's pals)
  • Return cable boxes and modem - YES, we disconnected our cable for the spring and summer in an attempt to have more quality time as a family and to save some $$$$ - my 7year old has already protested! Oh, and the home phone as well - do we really need three phone numbers????
  • Go take a look at seedlings we want to plant in our garden at Papaws...
  • attend B's baseball game on Saturday
  • Watch this...which I am 99% sure I will be watching by myself,ha!



  1. I have watched a very small part of Food, Inc. It is a bit disturbing to think of what we put in our bodies. It really opens your eyes to growing your own food! Let me know what you think about it because I have only seen small clips.
    Good luck at baseball. We may see you there!

  2. Food Inc. is really good! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  3. oh I have not seen Food Inc. yet, but i am pretty sure it will just get me further on the bandwagon of eating organic and home grown. Great move in disconnecting the cable. Jon and I decided to last week, we just have to make the phone call to turn it off. do you have internet through your cable company?

  4. oh my, food inc. rocked me a bit. We have been without tv for a little over 3 years. we love it. we do watch a few of our favorite shows on hulu though.


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