Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Final FOUR, Girl's day and a bag lady!

B What a great weekend we've has sort of carried over into the week...the kids were out of school on Monday and my boys decided Sunday afternoon to take an impromptu trip to the FINAL FOUR!!! Yes, that's right - my boys took off Monday morning for Indianapolis to watch Duke in the FINAL FOUR - this was a dream come true for my husband -he is the ultimate DUKE fan, no joke! One of his basketball players called Sunday afternoon and said they had 3 extra tickets - so David, Braxton, and Pipaw (David's dad) took off for a road trip! They really had a great time!!! So Olivia and I had a "girls day" on Monday....we went to Hobby Lobby, the Library, and to Target! Hobby Lobby was a must because she received $10 from Mimi and Papaw in her "Surprise Easter Egg"...she wanted to go spend it! She got a mini sewing kit, "cupcake" fabric, "kitty cat" fabric, and some ribbon - this is what we made.... Now, before you think I am some master seamstress, let me assure you, I am not! The cupcake fabric was already smocked and we purchased all they had left which was just shy of one yard...we bought the matching ribbon to use as "shoulder straps"...I just wrapped the material around her...marked it...then sewed a hem up the back with a few button at the top! Sewed on the ribbons and put a little eyelet trim at the bottom hem (had left over from some project that I am sure never came to fruition) I would've taken a picture of her in the dress, but she currently insists on keeping it in her "movable storage facility" or as we call her, the "bag lady"...take a look....
I'm not even sure you can make out what this is, but it is her stroller that is piled high with most of her belongings...along with some other household items she has randomly picked up! For instance, you can see some of my Tupperware, wet wipes, a can of cheesy pringles in case she gets hungry, 2-3 coats, a tutu, shower sponge - and so much more that I wont bother listing! It is quiet humorous and I don't know when I will convince her to "unload" everything and put it back in it's place....oh well, whatever keeps them busy, right? Happy Wednesday to all!


  1. Love the top you guys made! Very cute!
    And I admit to laughing out loud at the "bag lady" and her portable storage facility! Love it!

  2. Oh, I bet they had so much fun getting to experience the game. What a blessing! All Jed is talking about is his ballgame tomorrow against you guys. He is so competitive. He says it will be the biggest game of the season! :)

  3. That's so funny Michelle...I think he and Braxton must be two-of-a-kind when it comes to competitiveness,ha...they were already talking about it a church on Sunday! I hate they didn't get on the same team, but I guess that's how it goes...see you tomorrow!

  4. this is too funny! the dress is adorable.


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