Monday, April 12, 2010

Food Inc. - a must see!

So I got to watch this over the weekend.... If you have not seen must! If you care about what your family is putting in their bodies - please watch this film and then tell everyone you know about it! I really had no concept of our food production in this is truly shocking! While I have tried to go organic in some areas for our family - fruits and veggies when possible...I never thought about the meat we consume on a regular basis....that is now changing! If you live in the East Tennessee area...there is local farmer who produces all his products (meats, eggs, etc...) the old fashion way - please support him! We initially found him at the Farmer's market which started up in this area several years ago! Now you can find Laurel Creek online and at The Market in Maryville Tennessee. His meat is terrific - we've tried the sirlion, bison, ground beef, chicken (and the eggs, although we get ours from Papaw now)go to Laurel Creek Meats! Now go watch this film!!!


  1. Thanks for the recommendation!! I love awakening movies like this one!

  2. I have been wanting to watch this, I feel like EVERYTHING my Husband and I watch is processed. Even when we are eating "healthy" ie lean cuisines, I think about all the preservatives.


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