Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tuesday inspiration...

It is Tuesday, but it feels like Monday to me...the holiday has thrown me off! So while I gather my senses and decide which direction to go...here is some Tuesday inspiration!
Love this dining room...the Louis Ghost Chairs and sheep skins are a great combination! Yes, an organized freezer is inspiring to me...call me crazy!
Love this cute summer dress, although I think I would need a couple more inches on the hem line or some leggings to go with it!
We (Liv and I) have been wrapping several birthday gifts for her friends this month...and these pompons are adorable!
and who doesn't want to be the queen of her house...I need one of these while I clean!!! Happy Tuesday!
Photos: dining room-flickr, freezer-purestylehomeblog, dress-I don't know, but when I remember - I'll pass it along, Pompons-Etsy/Glitterforbreakfast, crown-flickr


  1. rather loving the freezer too.

  2. I don't think I could comment on just one! I love them all! :) Good taste! {And I am VERY envious of the owner of that freezer... I have been inspired!}

  3. I love how the gifts are wrapped! The pompons are so cute!

  4. Pom poms on gift wrapped presents are a brilliant idea! I think I'm going to steal that one. :-)

    Kate x

  5. It looks like you are very creative!

  6. I am in love with that light fixture!!


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