Thursday, January 7, 2010

I had something totally different....

I had prepared something totally different to post today...BUT, life got in the way! Instead of showing you all my progress made on my 2010 List for the week....I am going to post a run down of my day....

  • 6:30am Drag myself out of bed after a sleepless night, poor Liv coughed all night! Help B get ready for school
  • 7:10 Sit down with a cup of coffee, bible study, and a part of my day!
  • 7:30 Olivia is up, we eat breakfast, get showered and we are getting ready to head to a doctors appointment for her...poor girl, she's been sick since Sunday :(
  • 8:45 On the road
  • 9:10 Dr's office
  • 9:20 Dr's office
  • 9:45 Dr's office
  • 10:00 Dr's office
  • 10:00 Decide to treat ourselves to a cupcake and cinnamon roll at Sweet Celebrations and get a phone call that B is getting out of school at convenient for them...not so much for me!
  • 10:15 Drop off prescriptions at pharmacy - we have 2 to fill because she is really sick!
  • 10:20 Make a deposit at the bank
  • 10:30 Grocery store - long overdue! But necessary!
  • 11:30 In the car heading to the house, Liv has to pee, really bad! A total meltdown begins bc she wants to go back in the store to pee...not home to pee! I don't give I am risking that she will pee in the car seat just to teach me a joking, she has totally done that!
  • 11:45 Make it home...rush into the house...guess what? "mom, I don't really need to pee anymore" Proceed to unload my groceries, have a quick sandwich...then we are back in the car to go get B
  • 1:00 Pick up B from school
  • 1:10 Go by pharmacy to pick up prescriptions that we dropped off THIS MORNING...go through drivethru because it is now snowing and I have two kids in tow....proceed to wait for 30 minutes for the person in front of me to drop off and pick up at the same time!!! Yeah , I know!
  • 1:40 Pull up....they give me only 1 prescription and tell me the other is back ordered....with a smile! That's interesting, can I put my daugther's cold on hold until this "back order" comes in? Uh, "do you have another pharmacy that can fill it?" Well, "no, but we can call Blount Discount and they should be able to fill it"... So off I go...
  • 1:50 Pull into Blount Discount...."yes, I am picking up a prescription that CVS called in for my daughter"..."what, they didn't call"......I AM GOING TO LOOSE MY MIND!!! AN HOUR IN THE CAR WITH THE KIDS!
  • 2: 25 HOME SWEET HOME!!!!

Yes, we finally made it! Although it has been a nonstop day of what seems like "nothingness and busyness" all at once...I am grateful for a few answered prayers today because it reminds me that God is in all of that "nothingness and busyness"! Happy Thursday!!! Tomorrow, update on some of my LIST!


  1. Praying for a quick recovery for Olivia. I remember a similiar day a few years ago like that with Jack, an ear infection, Jed being an infant and waiting and waiting on prescriptions. I sympathize!

  2. i have a sick little one too, hoping she's better soon. i got the cannon Macro EF-S 60. i've wanted one for a very long time and have been saving up! have a good weekend. thank you for visiting :) susan


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