Friday, January 29, 2010

A helping hand...

Yeah! IT'S FRIDAY! My family is all home for the day because of the impending snow storm...or that's what they are saying anyway...we'll see! So anyway, I was watching the news last night and of course the coverage of Haiti is still everywhere...and just read about a girl who was rescued after 15 days in the rubble...Dr.'s said they didn't understand, it was "medically impossible". I know of course that it was a miracle from God and I hope others recognize that too! So how to help??? Well here are a few items from Etsy, where the proceeds will go to Haiti go on over and check them out! Sources: Bird wall hanging-bhpeters, necklace-dlkdesigns, monogram ring-Brehanclaire, set of plates-firwoodfurniture, baby burp clothes-Allisajacobs all at ETSY.COM


  1. 15 days wow! that is such a miracle.

  2. Olivia may be able to make do with a baking sheet or round pizza pan. My sister-in-law would do this when she was little! We have one sled and one snow board. I think the sleds must have sold out before Christmas because I looked for one then! We are just waiting to see if it really hits here!


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