Thursday, January 14, 2010

I love progress!

I do love progress! Here is some of the progress I've made at my house over the last two weeks...
YES! We are official....we hit up the public library this week! I couldn't just get one library card either...each child had to have one of their own! We've already made it through most of our selections! Check one item of the 2010 LIST!!!
I cleaned out my refrigerator....I know that sounds very sad! But since Thanksgiving, I had given up my weekly "clean out" routine so that by the end of was a real disaster! I should've taken before pics but I am just not that together!
Last, but not least...the playroom!!! Now I really should've taken before photos because it was could not walk through it!!! So's clean, organized, and the kids have been camped out in there quietly playing! The fridge and the playroom cleanup pushes me toward the second item on my list...getting a cleaning schedule setup...progress is good!


  1. What is dangerous is when you hit the Bookmark Cafe. I cannot eat much there anymore since I cannot have gluten, but the kids love the scones and hot chocolate. The rooms look great! Helps me get motivated.

  2. Oh, we didn't even go over to the cafe yet...Olivia was just so overwhelmed by the number of books!!! HA!

  3. It s my first visit to your blog and i love!!

  4. I really must take our kids to the library. Makes so much sense. the playroom looks great too.

  5. Paula, it might be one of the smartest things I've done in a while...the kids are over the moon about it and it's just can't beat that!


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