Monday, May 3, 2010

Rain, rain go away!

Well it is a dreary Monday husband and I woke up to a leak in our bedroom around 3a.m. (we've been waiting 7 weeks for a new roof). After my husband crawled into the attic to see if he could contain it...I got on my knees and prayed "God you are the only one who can stop this leak or stop this rain". Well the rain did not stop, but the leak did - and David had no explanation as to why...God is good! It is a reminder that he cares for us on a very practical level and we can place our trust in him! I couldn't go back to sleep...I kept thinking about all those people in Tennessee who have been affected by the massive amounts of rain over the weekend - some even loosing their lives! So I am sending up prayers for all of those people today and thanking God that he is covering our house with his hand until the rain goes away!!!

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