Friday, May 21, 2010

Off to D.C.

This last week has been a bit crazy!!! End of school, fieldtrips, programs, signs for VBS, etc.....have kept me busy - add to that, a little girl recovering from strep throat! So I am looking forward to a slower pace come next week - but for now - I am off to D.C. in the morning! Flying out at 7:00am to go do some design work!!! I am excited about the trip and the new design project and I am looking forward to seeing both my sisternlaws :) but I will miss my family...say a little prayer for all of us! See you next week! Have a great weekend!
P.S. Thanks for lunch today dad, Olivia and I will take a visit from you anytime! Love you!

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  1. Hi, Donna, hope you had a good trip and everything went well with your new project. Stop by if you have time for my new giveaway. (It's a really good one!) :)


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