Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A little Color!

So, I typically wear little, to no makeup...not so much because I think I don't need it, but because I just don't know how to "put it on"....I am pretty clueless and for the most part, pretty neutral and plain (yeah, I know - strange for an interior designer). My mom is always telling me I need "a little color" so she convinced me to get a little "make over" at one of those places in the mall - I agreed only if we could do the Bobbi Brown counter because that is what my sister wears and her makeup always looks great!!! So I sat down for what seemed to be a LOOONNNGGG time to do just a "little" fix....and you know what - I actually like it!!! I wanted to emphasis my eyes, make them a little more bold, kindof smokey but for day time...and I wanted a nude, sheer lip because that is all I have been wearing since kids...sheer or tinted gloss because everything else just ends up a mess....
So this is what I came home with.......Nude 8 Lipgloss and 3 different matte shadows: Bone2, Slate16, and Espresso32 (which I use as a liner, just wet the brush before applying) These stay on ALL DAY...which is saying alot for someone who wears contact lenses!!!! And the gloss stays put too, with no stickiness!!! Here is a little inspiration from BOBBI BROWN....


  1. I love Bobby Brown! All of her products are so nice, your so lucky!

  2. her makeup is the best

  3. I know...my sister has been telling me this forever...it was definitely an early Christmas present!


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