Friday, October 16, 2009

Friday Feature...reveal!

Happy Friday! It's a bit gloomy here but I am hoping it will clear up in time to enjoy the weekend! So today's Friday Feature is the sneak peek from Monday...these little beauties are made from recycled bass wood, decorative papers, and ribbons! These plaques can be hung on your front door or anywhere your heart fancies them! Each one is one of a kind and quantities are limited. You can customize and they are reversible (so one side can take you through Halloween and the next side can be for Thanksgiving or Christmas just by changing up the ribbons)
The small is shown with a metallic "B" monogram on black and white polka dot paper with the reverse in a high gloss white. Measures 5"x3" Cost $25
The medium is shown with a sweet hoot owl silhouette in black on high gloss white with the reverse in a metallic gold, ready for the monogram of your choice! Measures 8"x5" Cost $35
The large is shown with a decorative paper in 'script' with a bit of shimmer to it with the reverse in a high gloss is ready to be personalized with monogram or your choice & silhouette, Measures 14"x9" Cost $45
Please email me at for more questions or to purchase!
Happy FRIDAY!!!


  1. I absolutely love, love this idea! Besides being a writer...I enjoy to extremes decorating my home and helping others come up with fun ideas. This one is a keeper!

  2. These look great! Especially the reversible part which i love!

  3. These are a great idea; love the recycled wood aspect as well as the versatility of being reversible! Bravo!


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