Friday, July 23, 2010

I have a 3rd grader????

Yes, I officially have a 3rd grader today...I don't know where the time has gone! He was up and ready to roll this morning as he and dad took off for school! I will be honest and say 2nd grade was a struggle...not academically - he is a wiz - but in other ways...I cannot say that I felt he got all he should have last year (I'm sure every parent feels that way at times...) Now before any of you teachers out there get your feathers ruffled, let me preface this by saying I went to public school, loved public school, my husband is a teacher in the public school - but when that same husband mentions the word "home school" know it is for good reason! Braxton is an "active" learner...likes to be moving, constantly going and challenged - which is not always so great in a large classroom environment. Twenty kids, with different learning styles, different levels academically - well, that would be a challenge for even the best of teachers - I don't know how they do it most days! At the same time, I think every child, not just my child, but EVERY child deserves to be educated in a way that bests suits their learning style - I realize that is not always possible in a class of 20+ students! We did debate other options this year, including home schooling...we truly wrestled with what would be is no easy decision! But in the end we sent him back to public school - for this year at least, mainly because David's mom will be teaching some of B's classes - this is reassuring - she's been teaching for YEARS and it will be her last year before retirement - we are so very thankful she choose to stay one more year and of course B is even more thrilled! Our public schools are view of public school is changing...I am still processing and praying for God's wisdom as we go into this school year! My prayers have been something like this:
  • Pray for B's teachers - give them patience, understanding, and a love for their children that can be felt throughout the classroom!
  • Pray for B to grow in self control - emotionally, physically, mentally
  • Praying for Godly friends that B can connect with
  • Praying that 3rd grade will be a positive year for all the children in B's classroom

Happy Friday!


  1. we just start school this year and I have been having the same dilemma. we finally went with a private school that is at the church my husband works at. It will make us a bit more tight but well worth it I think.

  2. I know exactly how you feel! Last year was SO hard for us as well as Annabelle and I have spent the summer dreading sending her back to school! I do agree that schools are changing..BIG TIME.. and I am so so very nervous about how 2nd grade is going to be for her. I hope B has a very positive year of school and I hope that it will be an easy year for you as well!

  3. Thank you for your encouragement ladies...I will be saying a prayer for your little ones as well!

  4. Hope today went well. We are starting back on Aug. 2.

  5. I go back and worth with this as well. Most of friends home school (Yes! Can you believe?) including my best friend, so I struggle with my internal message that "good Christian moms must home school." I even joined a Charlotte Mason homeschooling book club. All that being said, though, I don't think it is for me! (even though I have a M. Ed. in English Ed!) I hope and pray that some teachers are as passionate about teaching my boys as I am for design. I pray that exists. As much as I love my boys, it is on my heart (currently) that they will go to public school. But I know this struggle...I pray for guidance and wisdom. Sorry for the long, venting post!


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