Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Summer days...

My summer days have flown by so far....work has kept me busy along with trying to finish up some projects around the house! This is what my week looks like:
  • Going through closets to "edit" and take the loot to Habitat Home...although it's been some time since I've purchased new clothing...my closet is full of items I don't wear and I've held onto them for YEARS...so I'm saying "goodbye" and I pray they will be a blessing to someone else!
  • Finishing up cleaning out the garage ....well, that has been totally my husband's job over the last week and a half (I'm a lucky girl)! I must say he has done a terrific job of cleaning it out - even got the kids involved while I was working! Gotta post some stuff on Craig's List!!!
  • Finishing a design job - windows, reupholster sofa, accessories...all going in this week!!!
  • Returning some FABULOUS items to Home Goods that didn't work out for a staging job - I'm tempted to keep them...but we are in a simplifying mode! If you are interested in some great lamps, rugs, and accessories - give me a shout and I will post pics and pricing!!!
  • Getting ready VACATION!!!! Yes, my family is leaving for vacation soon...to the beach we go and I cannot wait!!! I guess I should hurry up and find a bathing suit!!!
Photo credit: Spring Storm/ Flickr Happy Tuesday!


  1. It seems our lists are very similar minus the beach. really wish the beach was on mine though.

  2. You are a busy gal in all this heat! Your spirit really shines though on your blog. I am adding it to my list :) If you don't mind, please post the items. I may need them for a client and/or a new staging job. Thanks, Julie

  3. Thanks so much Julie! Yes, I will post those items for you!!!

  4. Yes Paula, I think we are on the same wave length,ha! I am looking forward to the beach...:)

  5. I am cleaning out my closets this weekend!


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