Wednesday, June 16, 2010

On the road...

I've been on the road today! Up at 6:30am, out the door around 7:30am and off to Cleveland,TN. with a truck load of 'stuff' to begin staging a house that is on the market! Now, it is 5:45pm - I just walked in the door and I'm waiting for my family to get home - they've been swimming!!! Summer is really crazy for us schedule wise....for me it is a time to pick up a little more work since my husband(who teaches HS math and coaches basketball) is home more! The trade off is that I am home more with the kids once school begins bc his schedule gets crazy once basketball starts full time...either way, I am very blessed to have such a flexible "job"! There was a day when I worked full time in the design industry - for someone else! Working five days a week...not getting home until 6:15 at night - and I really enjoyed it, I was passionate about it... but since having kids, well, they really have become my focus! Daily I am reminded of the precious gifts (Braxton and Olivia) God has entrusted to me...that is my purpose, that's my number one ministry - my family! So that is where I am content, that is where I am my happiest...and I am thankful for the design jobs that allow me to do that! Anyway, HAPPY WEDNESDAY!


  1. We all love you so much, and appreciate all of your hard work. I might add though that the kitchen is really glad that it's summer time, because it really likes being clean! Love you!
    David and Braxton

  2. oh, HA HA HA...very funny David! I might add that your "clean" is not the same as my "clean"...and I love you to Braxton!

  3. hello!! thanks for stopping by today! so nice to "meet" you! ;)

    i love your space over here and will have to stop by soon to visit!!


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