Tuesday, September 8, 2009

DHB Project

I am working on a family room...trying to recommend some bookcases to house lots of books, DVDs, music, etc....something to house all the things collected over the years! I am pushing my clients to organize, but more than anything EDIT their stuff. So much of what we surround ourselves with is not necessary...mostly we pick it up on the fly with little thought to how it will enhance our home or life...Here at my house, we have been "cleaning out" for the last few months in anticipation of putting our house on the market. As I have gone through this process, I recognize how many things I have brought into my life that are not things I TRULY love....so why even have it in your home....
So here is to a new goal, a new life "motto", a few tips to make your home, your life the best it can be!
  • If you don't love it...find someone who does or donate it to a local charity - whether it is a home item, clothing, accessories...etc...
  • Once you have determined the above...organize, organize, organize....have a place for everything and everything in it's place! ( I still struggle with this!) Calm and order is the rule of the day! (I struggle with this too :) )
  • Start a folder or an inspiration board - colors, fabrics, magazine pics...it can be things for your home, clothing, rooms that inspire you, objects, things you love and keep adding to it...you will start to see a trend - your own style!!! Before you decide to purchase anything, go back to that board...does it FIT with your vision....
  • Make a list of things you need (or just plan want :)) Research, look around...strive to purchase the best quality possible. Now that doesn't mean "most expensive" but it does mean try for quality over quantity - fewer things, better things, things you REALLY LOVE...
So these are just a few tips to help you along the way...I am still trying to practice them myself! I will leave you with a few of my favorite things from my inspiration board:
Room photos: Living Etc., Chair - BSC Company (contact DHB Designs for ordering info), Candles Paddy Wax (purchase through DHB Designs)

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  1. Love this post! Thanks for the ideas and inspiration!! When we moved, we vowed to declutter and organize. It is such an ongoing process and constant battle for a packrat like myself :-)


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