Thursday, September 17, 2009

Conversations with a 4 year old...

Well, I am still has been hectic in our home over the last few weeks...lots and lots to post about...but I think I will start with the conversation my daughter and I had over breakfast this morning...we were eating eggs (from my dad's chicken coop) and went something like this: (caution:do not read if you are easily offended by the word "poop")
  • me: are your eggs good?
  • Liv: yes - do eggs come from chickens?
  • Me: yes...
  • Liv: do chickens poop?
  • me: (choking on my eggs) um...yes, they do
  • Liv: do they poop in the grass?
  • me: yes
  • Liv: why do they poop in the grass?
  • me: because they are animals
  • Liv: do they wipe their bottoms?
  • me: (trying not to laugh now) no, they don't
  • Liv: why not?
  • me: because they are animals
  • Liv...pondering for just a moment...
  • Liv: did you know that horses poop?
  • me: yes
  • Liv: well, did you know that they wipe?
  • me: they do, how do they do that?
  • Liv: with their long horse tails!!!
Life is good!!!

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