Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Working on my LIST...

Well, my Tuesday has flown by...both the kiddos home today so not much accomplished in the way of cleaning house!!! We did find time to go eat lunch with David and the kids really enjoyed that - I got to have a grown-up girl conversation with one of David's colleagues, Libby! She is so sweet and I found out she's a great organizer - may need her expertise at my house :) So, I've been looking over my list and here is what I've accomplished thus far for the year:
  • Joined the public library
  • completed one room with Kingdom Design Ministries - post coming soon!
  • Working on "habits" with the children - so far we've worked on obedience, now we are working on "attention"
  • Starting journaling again...
  • Setting up a budget - starting this process, we are doing a church wide study on "giving" so THIS IS THE MONTH!
  • Starting a cleaning schedule - cleaning schedule has failed miserably, or maybe it's me that has failed in KEEPING the cleaning schedule - so back to the drawing board!
  • Attending Atlanta Market - on the calendar for this month, will be attending the Spring show at Americas Mart for 2 days!!!

So as you can see, I've made some progress - still have a ways to go! This spring weather is beginning to inspire me to get into the "organizing and cleaning out" mode so maybe I can make some progress in those areas! Two places you can get some inspiration for organizing - Simply Seleta - just love her post from today on cleaning out her back hall and laundry room!!! Also, doing a series on organization are the girls over at Deliciously Organized - go check it out!


  1. nice! i actually looked at my list today too...not so accomplished..
    way to go on yours.

  2. we do the budget thing too. we love it and can't think of doing it any other way. also being debt free is amazing!

  3. Thank you for the mention! I love that you started journaling again. I need to start doing that too. I'm good for a few weeks and then I start to slack!


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