Monday, December 7, 2009

Snow, gumdrops, and frosting!

Our weekend was really was filled with snow, gumdrops, and frosting!!! On Saturday we woke up to snow which was a "shocker" this time of year, can't remember the last time that happened! Sunday afternoon....a gingerbread house! The kids having been driving me crazy for weeks to do this...I kept telling them "we need to pace ourselves" "only one Christmas activity per day" ha! So here are the results!


  1. I can't wait to make one next weekend. It probably won't look as good as yours though. Ah ha

  2. Oh, Kristin! I will let you in on a little came in a box from Wally World - already put together...all we had to do was decorate it like crazy :)

  3. They look beautiful, what a fun project!

  4. looks great! and a wonderful project! beautiful pictures! :)

  5. This kinda almost makes me wish we didn't live in SoCal during the winter.




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